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Internet Explorer 9 and Real World performance

Play Internet Explorer 9 and Real World performance

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    Can anyone tell me the brand and the model for Jason's display? :)

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    something is wrong here...

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    What about making your own browser test that tests all the 11 subsystems in different combinations? And also, people don't only focus on HTML5 performance, but also the time it takes to load a page, which is extremely important for the consumer.

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    go to hell with silverlight

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    yeah true

    true, at least provide the vid in another format, its not like i'm gonna bother installing silverlight to see this thing

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    Mr Crash

    @jjjjj: yes i agree ( although i wouldnt have put it like that,  i would say badly made and horrible programming practices  ) 

    @yeah true: indeed, support for better alternatives should be available but as usual microsoft are forcing you to use their crappy products. Open source alternatives, HTML5 with open source codec , and/or flash for example.


    Now to the browser video: that "test" was developed by microsoft so you can assume it is extremely optimized for ie9 ( which is cheating!!!! but not the first time microsoft have done that so whats new... example: office suite, etc... )

    Second, How many undocumented ( secret ) function where used ? (Ex.  directx function for hardware acceleration)
    ( yes, using undocumented functions is cheating too ) 

    Maybe microsoft needs another slap on the hand by EU ? For taking unfair advantage of secret undocumented functions that other browser makers doesnt have access to.


    So unfair advantage all around,  typical microsoft tactics,

    Microsoft are so bad at making competitive products that they have to cheat, now thats incompetence !


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    @Mr Crash: Are you serious? That was an HTML5 demo, or are you just smoking crack?
    Perhaps you didn't realize that the Sunspider benchmark is maintained by Apple, the V8 benchmark is maintained by Chrome(which ofcourse Chrome outperforms on) and the Kraken benchmark by Mozilla(which Firefox performs best on).
    I'm sure you wouldn't call that "cheating" would you? Ofcourse not, you are clearly biased against Microsoft products in general and are simply trolling on this site, as are jjjj and "yeah true".
    As for undocumented functions, they are all hardware acceleration functions provided by Windows and are available to both Mozilla and Chrome. Chrome doesn't support full hardware acceleration and in Chrome 8 you have to explicitly turn this on which explains it's poor performance in the Galactic test at least partially.
    I find it laughable that statements like yours can be made with complete anonymity, but obviously people who wouldn't know any better may take them at face value. Normally, responses such as yours don't deserve a response, but someone has to set a few things straight...

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    @Maelstrom2: You're the one thats smoking something Mr Crash has a point, microsoft have done this beforeThis  story  comes to mind "The Scorpion and the Fox"I think EU should slap microsoft with another fine.@Mr Crash: I agree with you 

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    @Maelstrom2: Both firefox and chrome is open source, over 1000 devs have read the code none have reported any  problems. Even apple browser is partially open source.
    Internet explorer is not open source.
    That should tell you something. 
    There is no reason for microsoft not to fully open source the browser if they are not hiding something that is.

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