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Karandeep Anand: Windows Azure AppFabric Caching

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Curious about the new Caching service running in the Windows Azure Platform? Join Wade Wegner as he talks with Karandeep Anand, Principal Group Program Manager on the Application Platform Services team, about the new service and the different ways you can leverage it within your own applications.

The Windows Azure AppFabric Caching service accelerates application performance by providing a distributed, in-memory application cache requiring no installation, configuration, or management. The CTP release of the Caching service was made available in AppFabric LABS at PDC10. To get started, go to:

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The Discussion

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    Seems MSFT are considering price range according to the survey:

    $20 - $30 for a cache of 125MB or less
    $30 - $60 for a cache of 256MB or less
    $60 - $100 for a cache of 512MB or less
    $100 - $200 for a cache of 1GB or less

    Seems quite expensive to me .... would prefer [maybe] to see something like:

    $20 - 125mb or less
    $30 - 256mb or less
    $50 - 512mb or less
    $75 - 1 GB or less

    High end consumers of Cache should really be rewarded the most in terms of pricing. The difficultly is that too much pricing on caching as a service just leads everyone to install either Memcache on Instances or Windows Server Caching on VM's and charging out at like $0.12 per instance .... or $85 p/m for a continuing running instance.

    Of course, totally confused how all this compares to Amazon EC2 - - they offer High Memory Instances starting with 17.1 GB of Memory up to 68.4 GB for around $0.50 to $1.20 per/hour per instance .... and running Memcache on this would fly ...


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