Seems MSFT are considering price range according to the survey:

$20 - $30 for a cache of 125MB or less
$30 - $60 for a cache of 256MB or less
$60 - $100 for a cache of 512MB or less
$100 - $200 for a cache of 1GB or less

Seems quite expensive to me .... would prefer [maybe] to see something like:

$20 - 125mb or less
$30 - 256mb or less
$50 - 512mb or less
$75 - 1 GB or less

High end consumers of Cache should really be rewarded the most in terms of pricing. The difficultly is that too much pricing on caching as a service just leads everyone to install either Memcache on Instances or Windows Server Caching on VM's and charging out at like $0.12 per instance .... or $85 p/m for a continuing running instance.

Of course, totally confused how all this compares to Amazon EC2 - - they offer High Memory Instances starting with 17.1 GB of Memory up to 68.4 GB for around $0.50 to $1.20 per/hour per instance .... and running Memcache on this would fly ...