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Kirill Gavrylyuk and Josh Twist: Inside Windows Azure Mobile Services

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Kirill Gavrylyuk and Josh Twist dig into Windows Azure Mobile Services, which enables developers to connect a scalable cloud backend to their client and mobile applications across platforms. Windows Azure Mobile Services allows you to easily store structured data in the cloud that can span both devices and users and integrate it with user authentication as well as send out updates to clients via push notifications. In this conversation - with plenty of whiteboarding - Kirill and Josh explain how this works, what's involved, where it is today and may be tomorrow. If you want to understand the how and why behind Mobile Services, this is for you. Tune in.



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The Discussion

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    My biggest hurdle, at the moment, centers around the fact that my existing database is on SQLAzure "SouthCentralUS" and is not supported (only Eastern) in mobile services.  I experimented with creating a new "EasternUS" db in SSMS, but, because of restricted TSQL for SQLAzure, I could not find a way to hydrate my database from the original.  I'm sure there is a way, but I am not a db administrator type.

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    @BuddyP: If you'd like to make a copy of your database into Eastern US, I believe these instructions should work:


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    Great interview!  Clarified many things.  Thanks.

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    Thanks Duncanma.  I finally got the db copied to 'Eastern'.  I wound up 'exporting' the db in azure portal , then 'importing' to a new 'Eastern' server.  It was very convoluted, but finally worked.  As I remember though, to get the table to import to a mobile service,  the owner of the table had to be the same prefix as the mobile service name.  it would not work with 'dbo.' as owner.

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