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Lync Developer Roundtable: Getting Started with UCWA

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Fernmarie Brady, Program Manager in the Lync SRS Team, and Alex Edelsburg, Program Manager in the Lync Server Team, deep dive into Lync's latest platform API: The Unified Communications Web API (UCWA).  Topics covered in this session include: The new UCWA Website – a channel to reach out to mobile/web developers, the UCWA interactive demo, the API documentation, the steps to get started, the purposes of the UCWA libraries, and some demos of what is possible.  Questions are answered in the last 10 minutes of the session.

For a general overview of the UCWA API, feel free to check out Alex's first Developer Round Table session from August, 2012.

 For more general information about the Lync Developer Roundtable series, you can view the dedicated topic on the Lync Forums.





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