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MDCC TechTalk - Advanced .NET Debugging (part 1)

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Part 2:

What do you do, when your .NET application crashes on the production servers and you can't reproduce the bug in-house? How do you detect memory leaks in a .NET application, when you can't inspect the memory usage from Visual Studio? In this demo-intensive presentation we take a look at how WinDbg and SOS can be used to troubleshoot several hard-to-debug, real world problems in .NET applications.

About Brian Rasmussen
Brian Rasmussen is a chief software engineer at SimCorp in Copenhagen and a Microsoft MVP for C#. He spends most of his time working on developer tools, proof of concept projects and advanced debugging of .NET code.
Brian is a frequent speaker at conferences and events, and an active member of the Danish .NET community. He frequently blogs about C#, the .NET Common Language Runtime and low-level debugging of managed code at



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The Discussion

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    Mr Crash

    Ah this was actually interesting, the only bad thing is that it's about debugging C# with WinDbg.

    I would be quite happy to see a video or two about debugging C++ application with WinDbg, please  Smiley

    WinDbg is a good debugger (other devs say) but it's hard learning curve to it  Sad

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