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MSDN TechTalk: HTML5 - An Introduction

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Part two of the "MSDN TechTalk: Introducing Internet Explorer 9 and HTML 5" by Sascha Corti focuses on HTML5. See what HTML 5 has to offer, how Microsoft supports and contributes to these standards and learn how to fully leverage Internet Explorer 9 as a web developer. Using many examples, see some of the most important changes introduced by HTML5, CSS3, SVG, DOM and ECMA script. You will learn how the standards are still evolving and how Microsoft is contributing.

Watch part 1 on Internet Explorer 9 for Developers.

Slides and resources:

MSDN TechTalk: Introducing Internet Explorer 9 and HTML 5




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The Discussion

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    Sascha, great content in this video.  However the screen refresh is slow - you can see each frame paint.  I've even downloaded the WMV and still have the same problem.  Is this just me?  Any way to get a smooth video?  (Audio is fine).  Thanks.

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    I haven't watched both videos in their entirety, but I think Sascha gave the same presentation at TechDays. Maybe that one's smoother.

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