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Programming Windows with Charles Petzold

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Legendary and renowned author Charles Petzold together with Principal Technical Evangelist Jaime Rodriguez led this fast-paced live Q&A session on Microsoft Windows programing.  They fielded one question after the other from the audience on how to use C# and XAML to build Windows 8 apps. Enjoy the session!


C#, Interview, XAML



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The Discussion

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    I vaguely remember purchasing an early release digital copy of Programming Windows 8. Where can I go to see if I have rights to download the final work?

    Edit: Found it. I purchased it through O`Reilly.


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    Loved his comments about XNA. It looks as he didn't fully understand why XNA was discontinued either... Smiley

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    That was one of the most embarrassing tech talks I have ever witnessed.

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    He grow up in a different windows world. I think he is thinking in a different way than the majority of the programmers today. And he is indeed a specialist.

    Anyway - His book shows me in 1999 how windows relay works and how to program windows with C++.

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    I have most of his books

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    That was one of the most embarrassing tech talks I have ever witnessed.



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    WinAPI since 1994

    why... :)

    for dunno winphone etc. programmers this talk maybe does not mean anything, but for Windows API programmers (C, or up) Petzold and his fundamental samples/books since 199X are most valued.

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    That was one of the most embarrassing tech talks I have ever witnessed.

    I don't see what's embarrassing about it. I actually enjoyed the interview and I think Charles' book is great for learning Windows 8 programming. 

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    As a person who touched WPF, Silverlight (XAML in general) from early days and read many XAML related books, his Windows 8 programming book is the best available now for learning Windows 8 development. I should admit that as a .NET developer his views for solving the problems was strange at first  for me because I have started coding in a managed world but after reading some chapters I found it very useful and informative. His style of writing this book is unique and fun. 

    I really enjoyed reading the book and I highly recommend it.

    Thank you Charles!

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