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Mads Torgersen: Visual Studio Async CTP (SP1 Refresh) Overview

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    WHAT a timing ! now I have to decide which to watch, MIX keynote or this. .... well, Live is live ...

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    Stephen Cleary

    Awesome! I'm a fan of the new EULA. :)

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    Sounds great with the latest CTP. Another thing: the C# team usually has more than a single feature scoped for a major release of the language, and while the async stuff is definitely a major feature, the community has suggested numerous other features.

    Are we going to see other features in the next major version of C#? Come on .. spill the beans Smiley

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    hold on, is the TPL on silverlight? much less the phone? or are you including it in the ctp?

    i love async but i would really prefer having 'await return' instead of 'return await', it would be much more consistant with 'yeild return'. i thinks it reads better too, "im awaiting the return of foo"

    but then again i'd like to drop the 'async' keyword itself and just use the return type and 'return await' to mark methods as async, again like we do today with IEnumerable<T> and yeild return.

    -edit post watch-
    apparently that kind of feedback is just bikeshedding though Wink

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    Have you tried doing a vid without endlessly repeating the words "awesome" and "excellent":-) I know it's an american thing but it does grate.

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    Tormod Steinsholt

    I think Production licensed CTP this is key for MSoft as most devs in corporate environments have easier time allocating research time on shippables than on research efforts.

    If there is no extra install on the .NET framework itself, why isn't ASynch CTP available from NUGet? I know it's not external, but if you are looking for adoption...
    It could also open for a migration path to RC as well as having an integral dev experience on checking for future CTP's.

    Keep up the excellent work. Asynch is sorely needed.

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    Async ftw! The model looks great as is to me but hope the perf. is reasonable as well (will ab-use for fun Wink )

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    @Borum.NET: This might end up being an uncharacteristic release with just one feature in C#. VB has a few more.

    @aL_: Silverlight and phone versions of TPL (cut down somewhat) are part of the CTP.

    @mik: Awesome feedback. Excellent observation. As someone relatively new to America, I guess I have to make up for it by using those terms five times as much Smiley.

    @Tormod: I have no NUGet experience. But since the CTPs are very temporary and will eventually be integrated into next version of other products, and also since production use is not condoned but only tolerated Smiley it is probably good that we handit out through only one very controlled channel.

    @exoteric: Perf is a major factor in the production version of async. Much of this isn't in the CTP, because we are not replacing the Task type from the .NET framework. So if it lags a little for you, stay tuned for the real thing Smiley.

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    @mik: Also notice that I use way too many smileys when I write Smiley Smiley Smiley.

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    :-) I was referring the interviewer (Charles?) rather than your good self:-)

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    Smiley I was referring the interviewer (Charles?) rather than your good self:-)

    Yes, you were. Excellent.


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