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Manage VMware with SCVMM 2012

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 Symon Perrimon interviews Greg Cusanza, Sr. Program Manager, about managing multiple hypervisors (VMware, Xen and Hyper-V) with System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012. 

In the interview we cover:

  • [03:50] Why did Microsoft decide to support third party vendors?
  • [04:59] Does it manage hosts, clusters, and standalone?
  • [05:36] Why would a create a sub-cloud inside the larger cloud?
  • [09:45] What is a service template?

Demo: [05:10] How to create a private cloud on top of the hosts with multiple levels of service.  How to manage XenServer hypervisor, VMware hypervisor, and Hyper-V using SCVMM 2012.  Support of Linux service templates.  Creating a service template and a new private cloud.

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