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Manual Testing Of Windows 8 Metro Style Applications

Play Manual Testing Of Windows 8 Metro Style Applications

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    'Testing by numbers'  And that's not a derogatory comment btw - this is just what most Enterprise customers want in my experience.  (Now back to my 'indie' apps ...)

    BTW Like the manual testing scenario but not sure if I want to go down the TFS route just for that although I have to say that if I was a 'professional tester' this is the tool and setup I would really want!

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    @Ian2: Thanks for watching the video! Note that it's pretty easy to dip your toes in the water with Team Foundation Server now. Even if you don't want to use it as your entire solution for application lifecycle management (e.g. source control, bugs, etc.) you can get started in just a few minutes with the Team Foundation Service and you'll then have a team project in the cloud that you can use to do everything I showed off in the video. The Team Foundation Service is still in a preview mode, too - and it's free during the preview, so it should be easy for you to check out if you're so inclined. Smiley

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    peter li

    I like the tile interface.
    Windows 8 look is very bold beautiful and fluid.
    is a newcomer, young and attractive
    it's perfectly suited for tablets thanks to the low power drain and low heat generated by systems running on ARM processor !!;)
    im so happy for codename:Windows 8 and i think Windows 95 was a big deal for users and developers alike.
    Overall, this release feels smoother, faster, snappier, and more stable.
    Metro does rock on desktop and laptop!
    with this your luck can be perfect.
    now with touch you can have all your requirements plus even more.
    My prediction is clear and I know that there will be a much perfect luck for the whole W(P)8(RT) universe than Microsoft can imagine.I respect Microsoft for doing that. My opinion on these metro hating freaks is that they are all people who don't like to change
    and dont forget Thank for feedback mark as answer and log uri

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    Thanks again for helping us out. As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

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    I just reviewed your posting and found it interesting. Generally Manual Testing means the program is checked manually for the errors and then it is corrected. As the technology is developing the people prefer Software Testing rather than <a href="">manual testing</a>. I gained some idea by reading your writing. Hope to read more of your post in future…!

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    what hardware are you using?

    thanks, paul

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    Thanks for great presentation Brian Keller.

    It was great leaning exp. I will represent your presentation with my team.

    So, They would learn about #test #manager & #Metro App testing Oracles.


    Thank you !

    Abhinav Sejpal

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    You're Awesome.!!!

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