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Message Based Navigation for WP7 MVVM Apps

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    Linus K

    That seems like an awful lot of code and xaml spread out.

    I solve this problem by having my VMs depend upon a IMyAppNavigationService that has methods such as
    void NavigateToPersonView(string id);

    That way all the URIs and navigation logic is in one class, the MyAppNavigationService. Even though message buses are cool I don't see the benefit here.


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    I like to wire up XAML as much as I can.  I don't think it is all that much code really... the MessageBus and NavigationHandler (which is the same thing as your IMyAppNavigationService) are very small.  I replace the dependency you have on the nav service with a dependency on the message bus, which provides me additional capabilities.  Too each there own... whatever works for the apps you build.  Just thought it was an interesting alternative.

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