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Mike Angiulo Unboxes the Build Hardware With Us

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If you saw the keynote this morning, you got a quick look at the Samsung prototype PC with Windows 8 Developer Preview that we will be giving out to the 5000 attendees at the BuildWindows conference. Mike Angiulo, Corporate Vice President of Hardware & PC Ecosystem, sat down with us to give us a detailed first look at unboxing this device. This amazing machine has it all, a beautifully responsive 10-point touch sensor, i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, gyro, magnetic sensor, Bluetooth keyboard, Near Field Communications sensor, and even a pen! This will allow the developers at Build to explore the types of applications they can create for Windows 8. Be sure to visit for more information on our developer conference.




The Discussion

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    I'm so thoroughly impressed by the work that went into this new platform.  It absolutely blows my mind.  It would've been really cool if the boxes were signed by each Engineer who loaded the software, it would've make them one-of-a-kind Smiley

    I'm just sad I'm unable to attend Build and get my hands on one.  I'm so jealous to be honest.  Perhaps Microsoft could have a contest for niners that were unable to attend where they can win one?  Just a thought

    I'm looking forward to watching the sessions as they come online.  This is a very exciting day to be a "PC".

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    What I enjoy is that it isn't just a tablet, it is a Windows PC. And a fairly powerful one too. Play games, watch movies, do just about anything comparable mobiles can, but better. 

    It will be interesting to see how docks evolve as well and what other accessories will arise for mobile Windows 7 and Windows 8 PCs. 

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    Would be cool to get additional info on existing harware that "plays well" with Win8 for those people unable to attend.

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    Cool just found this post that answers my question:

    These look good:

    • HP Elitebook 2740p and 2760p convertible
    • ASUS EP121 tablet
    • Dell Inspiron Duo convertible
    • Lenovo x201, x220t convertible
    • 3M M2256PW 22" display
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    I nominate Angiulo to do all Microsoft Keynote presentations from here on out. He always does an outstanding job.

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    iPhone Addict

    Home Button )))

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    Oh man! I WANT ONE OF THOSE D:

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    Is there going to be a chance that we could buy one??

    didnt they do that with the phones last year?

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    this looks so awesome windows pc

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    If they release a PC/Dock bundle to the public like the one in the Developer Preview, you can count on me picking one up.

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    Too bad you can't buy these separately for those that didn't attend the conference. Kind of lame that we can't. Seems like the perfect development environment.

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    Too bad you didn't ask the hard questions how on how one can get there hands on this outside of the conference. Really annoyed that I can't. Heck, I'd pay a few hundred!

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    Want this, now! Finally, a device that combines all my favorite input methods (keyboard, digitizer/stylus, touch, mouse) Big Smile Can't wait!

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    Ive been using a Tablet PC since Microsoft first came out with them and I think this would be my next Development Machine.  I would love to get my hands on one now if they are makin them available after //build

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    Wow, I didn't realize how awesome that was going to be. Put that box on sale to the public and I will grab one asap. Can't wait to actually be able to draw right on the screen with the stylus in Photoshop.

    Here's hoping it comes out for this holliday season.... but probably won't be for awhile until windows 8 is done. *sigh*

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    I was told on the windows 8 dev forum that none of these would be available outside the show. I realllllly and so bummed.
    I even asked @paulmest to pick one up for me. That's how desperate I am.

    I even tweeted to Samsung about it.

    I think that Samsung will build this tablet, or something very much like it, but it may be awhile.

    Now, had this been @windowsphone, Brandon Would have thought that devs outside the show might also want one!


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    Developers, Developers, Developers...  No all developers can go to the event.  Some of us have to stay behind to support the Windows platform development, while our peers go to the conference or stayed out since it sold out.  It would be nice if registered MSDN subscribers could buy the hardware from Samsumg to start developing and testing on it ASAP.

    Hope someone look after us,


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    Agreed, it would be nice if we could buy the Samsung hardware so that we could begin testing.

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    This video showed more useful info in 6:22 than most of the keynote stuff.
    I still think that it's infuriating to use Win8 on a regular PC with a mouse and 2 monitors but it's so nice on a tablet.

    MS needs to figure that out before they go releasing it to the general public.

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    I want one of these! Why doesn't Microsoft offer this for people that did not attend the conference.... lame!

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    How do i get one of these devices???
    Unfortunately couldnt make the event as i work in London. :(

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    Mr Crash

    Nice please-like-us bribe microsoft.

    Even i want one. *Hint* I do accept bribes *hint* 

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    Mike Angiulo is a great assit of Microsoft , amazing person personally and proffesional

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    I'd like to add my vote for having these available through MSDN or some other means. I'd pay for one too!

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