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Mobile Photosynth Panorama App

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    Martin D

    Microsoft should be embarrassed that this came out on iOS before WP7. Cool tech, but when is MS going to get serious about their mobile strategy?

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    Just goes to show how Microsoft considers the iPhone to be a better Phone for development of their Apps than the WP7 platform !

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    This is not the first time Microsoft chose iOS over WP7.

    This makes me think whether Microsoft is committed to WP7 and whether we should invest our resources into WP7.

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    There is a panorama stiching app free on LG Windows Phone devices out of the box - any relation?


    Example here:

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    Agreed......they should put more effort in promoting demo for photosynth there

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    Well supposedly the reason why they didn't make a WP7 version first is because right now you simply cannot do this on WP7 due to the fact that apps can't get direct access to the camera.

    Great, accept they should put those resources they used to develop the iOS app on helping to fix WP7 instead. It really undermines confidence in WP7's when MS does stuff like this, and apparently they think a simple technical explanation is going to make it OK. To me it makes it worse, because now they are just highlighting the fact that WP7 has technical limitations.

    Seriously, someone at MS should take control of this situation and not let stuff like this happen anymore. Maybe someone can explain to me how this is a "plus" for MS on any level, because I just can't see it.

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    Dev's will not be able to get direct camera access until Mango comes out and Mango doesn't come out until the end of this year. :|

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    The whole WP7 thing is really starting to become laughable.  Between the Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr/May (which month is it again?) update fiasco and stuff like this I am really starting to regret getting a Windows Mobile device.  WP7 is so limited even Microsoft's own development teams can't get the apps they want to write up on the platform and are targeting other platforms instead. 

    In the meantime, the WP7 team has continued to ignore the pleas from from their developers and customers to fracture Mango into smaller updates and announced "status-quo" for Mango at MIX.  So much for the original promise of updates coming "early and often" to bring feature parity with the competition. 

    Oh, cool app though!  Too bad we won't see it on WP7 until 2012 (if ever).

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    another irritated wp7 user

    I love wp7 and most things ms does, but this isn't 2004 anymore. We need updates fast and frequently. MS needs to be reactive and proactive at the same time or else miss the small opening they have in the consumer market and keep embarrassing stuff like this from ever happening. If anyone that matters sees this, please make mango happen faster somehow...

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