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Modeling with Solver Foundation 3.0

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Hi folks. Today I'm demonstrating how to use the Excel add-in for Microsoft Solver Foundation 3.0. This is an intro demo for getting started with solver. For examples of more complex models, see the product/doc links below.

Solver Foundation is a set of tools for mathematical simulation, optimization, and modeling. You can use the add-in or a .NET API to create and solve different types of models and simulations. Microsoft Solver Foundation is intended for users such as quantitative analysts, mathematical modelers, risk managers, and application developers who work on business critical systems.

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The Discussion

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    Hi I'm actually interested in this stuff. THis video doesn't really help tho. Next time drink some water and clear your voice first please. Also do a little more and a bit faster. People wo are interested in heavy sovers are usually busy. Thanks anyway!

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    @gjvdkamp: Thanks for commenting. I'll see if I can optimize the audio further; I'm afraid I'm a pretty strong bass... so the water wouldn't help!

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    It really helps to understand what solver is intended to do, thanks!

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