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Montage by FUSE Labs

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    OMG it's not using Silverlight! Obviously Silverlight is dead Smiley

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    Smooth. It kind of reminds me of tweetmag (which is unstable as hell, tho). The idea of making tweets and other data feeds into magazines is a great and is sure to become more widepsread.

    I hope the Thumbtack experiment is not quite dead. It should be taken up by FUSE Labs from, what.. Live Labs or whomever had it before it got burried away. :-/

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    Very nice.  I tested on iPad 2, Android 3.0, and Win7 Tablets and Phone 7 Mango emulator.  The create/modify functions did not work on any of them.  Would like to know if Microsoft will allow touch experience in Windows 8 to work right down to the page.... or be like the above in which the touch is intercepted?

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