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Montage is a free service from FUSE Labs that makes it simple to create and share online albums of web content on any topic you like. Richard Zaragoza walks us through using MyMontage and tells us more about what it is, what it's for, and how to use it.





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The Discussion

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    OMG it's not using Silverlight! Obviously Silverlight is dead Smiley

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    Smooth. It kind of reminds me of tweetmag (which is unstable as hell, tho). The idea of making tweets and other data feeds into magazines is a great and is sure to become more widepsread.

    I hope the Thumbtack experiment is not quite dead. It should be taken up by FUSE Labs from, what.. Live Labs or whomever had it before it got burried away. :-/

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    Very nice.  I tested on iPad 2, Android 3.0, and Win7 Tablets and Phone 7 Mango emulator.  The create/modify functions did not work on any of them.  Would like to know if Microsoft will allow touch experience in Windows 8 to work right down to the page.... or be like the above in which the touch is intercepted?

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