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.NET 4.5: Vance Morrison - Performance and Memory Diagnostics

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Performance Architect Vance Morrison spends his time isolating and solving performance issues in the .NET framework and Visual Studio, and Vance and team have recently been busy tuning the performance and memory usage characteristics of .NET's upcoming release.

Here, we learn about some of the performance and memory usage issues that Vance has focused on for .NET 4.5, which will ship in the next version of Visual Studio. If you're a .NET developer, you'll be pleased to learn about the great work that's going on in this area in addition to the development of a new memory diagnostics tool...

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The Discussion

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    Jupiter ! Smiley

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    I have to say that the revelation that the WPF team had got ItemsControl performance from 12000 objects that crashed a machine in 7 minutes to 200 000 in 2.3 seconds, meant that that framework was doomed to be derided as slow and is until .NET 4.5

    This is of the magnitude of a for  loop shipping in a language that takes 180 times longer than another languages. It is such a major issue, I think you should have shipped it via Windows update. Having worked on a scientific application for DNA/RNA/Protein we ended up having to use Windows forms charts because no WPF charts are of any use when dealing with a lot of data, and there is nothing my team can do to optimise our way out of this one.


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    @vesuvius:Did they talk about ItemsControl in this video?  I must have missed it if they did.

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    Havent watch the Video yet but do they tackle large object heap fragmentation in 4.5. Even a call from the code to perform reallocation would be well needed.

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    @Connor: Maoni touches on this here.


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    @Richard.Hein: At the start Vance mentions that getting performance now is usually more a case of showing people how to use the tools in .NET performance-wise (which he oversees - I have watched all his videos) as they are lucky if they get 5% gains

    I still find it beyond belief that the ItemsControl performance issue is a feature in .NET 4.5. Making that unavailable for all .NET versions prior is probably too much work, but you guys should have listened when we said WPF was slow and optimized far much sooner than you did. It is one of the worst bugs that I have seen in so far as affecting take-up of a platform.

    WPF shipped with a visual for loop that was hundreds of times slower than anything else - that is the magnitude of the ItemsControl issue, the title of the thread is performance and memory issues


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    Rohit Sharma

    I wish we could do folding as function of sos (windbg)

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    Super excited about the memory tracking tool! Any more information available on that?

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    activated channel 9

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    Great to hear.  Keep up the good work.  Would love to get a preview of the new memory tool.   My tools definately aren't telling me something useful right off the bat.  Will the new tool be able to cross associate allocated native memory in the total cost of the managed objects?  I figure it would really help to figure out why my native memory utilization in Silverlight is so high.

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