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P2i waterproofs your phone: News from Mobile World Congress

Play P2i waterproofs your phone: News from Mobile World Congress

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    Cool, sadly my own LG Quantum got wet and the speaker no longer works, are you guys working on a 'retro fitting' service by any chance? 

    Seriously, this should be implemented by the hardware manufacturers - at present, if you get your phone wet your hardware warranty will be void!*

    * Manufacturers use a special coated surface inside the phone that turns red if it comes in contact with water.

    BTW If you guys are looking for testers - count me in - I now have an HD7 I want to keep dry!

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    This awesome. I would coat my car so that I dont have to wash it.

    May be myselves too and skip bathing Smiley

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    Scotty Sorrell McLeod


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