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PC Showcase with Ben the PC Guy

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Ben the PC Guy walked us through some of the coolest PC's in the Microsoft booth. There are so many to choose from with such different features, from high end laptops built for gaming or video editing to the incredible cut lines of the Samsung 9 Series to the futuristic dual-screened Acer ICONIA. There is something for everyone.

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00:25 - Acer ICONIA - Dual screen multitouch laptop. We looked at one in the back of the booth because there was a constant crowd around the one out front. Place 5 fingers on the bottom screen to bring up a wheel launcer or 10 fingers to bring up the keyboard.
02:00 - Toshiba Satellite A665-3D - A fast i7-based gaming laptop with 3D glasses with a retail price of around $1300.
02:33 - Sony Vaio P - 8" screen that fits in a back pocket. It has available turn-by-turn GPS navigation and Verizon Broadband built in.
03:18 - HP Envy 14 - The brains inside the much-feared and arguably dangerous Coding4Fun T-Shirt cannon, the 17" version is my main PC, used to edit many of my Channel 9 videos. Why? Because it's a huge screened beauty with Beats Audio that gets a 7.1 WEI score.
04:05 - Samsung Note PC 9 Series 900X - You've never seen a PC like this before. It's one of the lightest, thinnest 13" laptops in the world. The body is Duralumin aircraft metal which feels both solid as a rock and light as a feather. Backlit keyboard, i5 processor. The screen is twice as bright as what you're probably used to, and for speed - world record holder at 12 seconds boot time. When you retire this machine you could use it to split wood. 
05:00 - ASUS Eee Slate EP121 - A slate PC that works as a multitouch device, as a Tablet PC, or with a BlueTooth keyboard. Forward facing camera for video chat and a home button that drives AeroFlip3d.
06:33 - Dell Inspiron duo - Very cool little convertible tablet that works as a laptop and with a push the screen flips around and it works as a touch tablet. It has an optional Audio Station, 2GB of RAM and will play HD movies.



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    Looks very nice! But one thing I see with PCs today, is that when you buy a PC, you get a PC that is stuffed with software you never use. Normal users don't know how to get rid of theese programs, and their PC experience gets worse. And why do you remove the stickers on the demo PCs and not on the one you sell? They look SO much better without the stickers! Big Smile

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    @Larry: I love how the pen input is very important for microsoft.

    Could you maybe do a video about how pen input works with existing software? If I have a pdf of my schools cource can i take notes with a pen? How good is the handwriting recognistion? Is it easy to correct? Can I put my hand onto the display when writing ?


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    Samsung Series 9 looks absolutely stunning and I'm pleasantly surprised by the battery life these 2nd gen iCore devices are getting.  The Acer Iconia looks like it has alot of potential but I'm curious if it can open up completely flat and work with a stylus.  Sofar, the Asus EP121 is the device I'll be taking a closer look at for my eveyday machine.

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    Norman Shey

    If you're never critical of anything you might as well say you work for their marketing departments.

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    @Norman Shey: There were lots of things I could be critical of with a dozen or so machines at CES, but this was a look at the best of the best. The only complaint I'd have on any machine shown here is not having USB 3 (some did, some didn't). Every PC shipping in 2011 should have USB 3.0, IMHO. 

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    I double whether the virtual keyboard is good to use. I think the reason is that we cant put our fingers on the virtual keyboard so that is not comfortable to type.

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    @Song: Same thing I was thinking about it, but I'd be willing to accept that drawback for the trade off of browsing websites in two screen portrait. I don't think the ICONIA is built for long form writing, and that's fine if you know that going in. It would be nice if in the future developers were able to detect level of pressure so setting your fingers on the keyboard doesn't trigger a key but thumping a key somewhat hard with a finger initiates a keypress.

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