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Pirates Love Daisies

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Here is an introduction to a new Tower Defense game called Pirates Love Daisies. If you like TD games, I think it could keep you very busy over the holiday break. It was written by Grant Skinner at Grant is a Flash developer and this was his for project for HTML5. That's right, the whole game runs in HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript - no plugins. Very cool! Follow his blog for more details on how. To play, you just need an HTML5 browser that can rock like crazy with the GPU. Might I suggest IE9? In fact, IE9 runs so fast there is a checkbox under the game to turn off effects for some other HTML5 browsers I won't name that would be kneecapped with the graphics turned up.

Give it a try now at



Azure, HTML 5, HTML5, IE9



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The Discussion

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    Looking Good!

    Does till have some bugs though. The game got stuck and when I wanted to push pauze it worked, but then wanting to unpauze... It just pauzed again and the game got more and more dark, untill the middle part was black.

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    Impressive and addictive !!!!!!
    Everything works great on my Chrome :] 

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    @CKurt: They know about that bug and are working on it, I only see it about once every two hours of gameplay.

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    To give such impressive statistics one should have played for at least 4 hours!!! ;)
    This makes me wonder why would a person (no names here) spend soo much time playing games. Just a thought :)

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    Cool, but I can't help wondering how much better it would have been had it been done in Silverlight, Flash, or just as a desktop game. HTML5 still feels like a kludge you have to beat your application into when there are far better frameworks available.

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    @Bas: I feel the same. Cool great demo, but I would make it in Silverlight and be able to run it on Phone and Desktop as well!

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    I will try it on this weekend.

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    That didn't help my productivity today.  Not helpful at all.

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    Awesome. Smiley


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    You have to "mask as FireFox" so it runs in Opera, but than it works perfectly.

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    Cool game, but how many hours/devs need for coding it with ugly and unsecure javascript?We developers need a tool to create media, games and RIA's with most productivity then yesterday. Silverlight is the answer for .Net developers, but we (and the world) are turning back cause apple mobile devices and Steve Jobs hate for Adobe, and sheeps following him.The 5 years Dark Medieval era of internet developers begin with 2011, waiting for browser adjustments, and some tools for JavaScript that will take years to reach the level of actual plugins.Then plugins will evolve, and we'll need them in 2015 another time.

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