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Previewing The Windows Store

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The Windows Store is a new way for developers to be able to upload new apps in Windows 8.


Windows 8



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    Looks good. I can't wait for it.

    By the way, which Lenovo notebook did you use in the demo?

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    maybe it is X201T

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    Shawna Mann

    The idea of allowing app buyers to be able to purchase using a variety of methods is VERY important feature missing from WindowsPhone7 Mango customers. The apps on these devices can only be purchased apparently from certain credit card customers. Customers are begging to be able to pay using something like Paypal or to be able to use their xbox credits. I hope they are serious about allowing a variety of payment options. It appears that the app developers will be able to choose payment options. Perhaps a support page for app developers ought to be included which will inform app developers about what payment options are more practical in various countries and an end-user forum that is accessible by app developers.

    Such a forum would also be useful for all aspects of app development and market research. Perhaps this forum information could be marketable to app developers hoping to find inspiration for new and possibly marketable ideas.

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    Great! Hoping for that.

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    Jed Tylman

    Demonstration of the crushing superiority of the Windows platform. Too bad it took Microsoft over 2 decades to realize. Hope Windows 8 fixes our pride problem for good. We're all tired of the fruity fanboy sneer.

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    Chris Ledet

    Did they mention anything about non-metro apps being in the store?

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    @Shawna Mann: It depends the country. In the US, people can buy apps with their phone carrier account instead of a credit card. Agreed it will be nice to have other options though. Hopefully they'll open it up a bit after this app store succeeds.

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    @Chris Ledet: Mary-Jo Foley says yes, but not fully.

    "Desktop (non-Metro-style) apps will be able to be promoted in the Windows Store if they meet Microsoft's Desktop App certification requirements, and will be discoverable via the Windows 8 store. Windows 8 Desktop Apps will be neither licenesable nor downloadable (i.e., able to take advantage of the Windows 8 "fulfillment service") from the Store. Instead, Microsoft will only provide a link to the Windows Store for Desktop Apps on Windows 8 on x86/x64 and ARM."


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    Developers need money, too. I love this!


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    Microsoft Once again demonstrated the power. Angel

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    Chris Ledet

    @HumanCompiler - Thank you!

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    Yusak Setiawan

    Why Indonesia cannot enter #win8store contest ?

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    Why can't developers from the UK enter the  #win8store contest ?

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    What makes Microsoft really think that Consumers and Business will continue to buy Windows 8. Most Business are still stuck on Windows XP, and are not interested in Metro Touch Interface. Most consumers are into iOS and Android now, and WP7 has been a market failure.

    I sort like WP as part of previous MS development, but I just don't see Microsoft delivering the Marketing and favourable end user experience. I guess I am just rather bitter at MS dropping Silverlight, and not providing a clear future for XNA. Just gives me an opportunuty to reevaluate my MS allegience.

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    I find the "share" language a bit odd and backwards. "You share 70% with us"?  I think that is the other way round. The developers share 30% with you. We are the customers, and we make the apps and share 30% with the retailer (i.e. the store).

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    I live in Bangladesh but I'm already really excited about Windows 8 and of course the app store. Have been using the developer preview as the primary OS in my desktop.
    Here's my concern about the app store: As in Bangladesh we don't have that friendly international online credit card or other convenient way of online dealing facilities, has microsoft been thinking about it? If it's possible will users be able to pay for the apps from their phone carrier credits?

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