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Project Emporia on Windows Phone

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Project Emporia is brought to you by Microsoft Fuse Labs located in Cambridge, United Kingdom. This app for the Windows Phone (and also available on the web) re-defines what a newspaper is with the utmost in personalization and customization. Ralf Herbrich and Allen Jones give you the details of how they built it. Check it out- it's FREE!


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  • xgamerxgamer Two Sides to Everything

    Had checked Project Emporia earlier .. for some reason it seems to prioritise all Microsoft related news only ...  is it because its in beta ?

  • JurgenJurgen

    Hey xgamer,
    Thanks for the feedback. The reason Microsoft news is currently that popular is that our current users seem to be interested in Microsoft stories. The best our learning algorithms can do is assume that the next user will be interested in Microsoft stories as well.
    Luckily, by voting + and - you can start personalizing your own news reading experience. After up or downvoting a few stories (try 5 to 10 stories) you should see a significant change happening.
    Enjoy and keep letting us know what you think!

  • ZebakZebak

    I am using Emporia on my WP7 and I started playing with the Web based solution. I like the idea but it seems that the WP7 is using my Live ID for authentication and the web based solution requires my facebook account... If I understand correctly it means that Emporia is keeping 2 different profiles for me which is quite annoying. Did I miss something ?

  • bjd223bjd223 Fix more computers than I break

    All I have to say is wow.

    This app really suites me as a casual news reader. I don't have to look in 5 different places and sift through tons of news that I am not interested in.

    I do think there should be a way to like or dislike a story from the channel list. I don't like to open the story and then select like/dislike/hide. What feels natural to me is having a menu come up when you press and hold on a story in the channel list with like, dislike, and hide available from there.

    Anyway, great job guys.

  • JurgenJurgen

    @Zebak: thanks for the feedback. At the moment the phone is not really authenticating at all. Just because you use the same phone we know you are the same person. However, we are currently working hard at integrating the phone and the web version so votes on one will propagate to the other and the other way around. We're hoping to release this in the next few weeks!

  • JurgenJurgen

    @bjd223:Thanks for the feedback. This is much appreciated. I've put it in our sprint planning so we'll discuss this feature among the team soon. Keep the suggestions comming. We are really trying to involve our users in designing the app.

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