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Publishing Your Windows 8 App - Part 3: Submitting to the Store

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In this final screencast of a series, Technical Evangelist Jim O'Neil, walks through the steps to submit a Windows Store application for certification via the Windows Dev Center dashboard.

[00:47] Step 1: Application Name

[00:58] Step 2: Selling Details

[02:27] Step 3: Services

[03:38] Step 4: Age rating and rating certificates

[03:16] Step 5: Cryptography

[03:35] Step 6: Packages

[05:03] Step 6a: Windows Application Certification Kit (WACK)

[05:52] Step 6b: Uploading the .appxupload files

[06:17] Step 7: Description (including Privacy Policy)

[07:02] Step 8: Notes to testers

[07:27] Review and submit





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