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Rock Paper Azure Challenge - Part 3 (of 5) - Building Your Bot

Play Rock Paper Azure Challenge - Part 3 (of 5) - Building Your Bot
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Take the Rock Paper Azure Challenge! 
Learn the Cloud, make your move, play to win!

How do you stack up against the coding competition? Play weekly and find out!                              

Did you play Rock, Paper, Scissors as a kid? Does it still determine who makes the afternoon coffee run? Then you already know how to play the game. Now's your chance to code your own player "bot" and test your skills online. Will your bot have what it takes to crush the competition?
Microsoft is hosting a series of weekly tournaments in Spring 2011 where you can battle it out with other developers to win weekly prizes (not to mention serious bragging rights).
This is the third in a series of five webcasts explaining how you play the game.
Building Your Bot
In this screencast, Brian Hitney walks the user through cracking open the MyBot solution in Visual Studio. This solution contains a C# project that implements a "Random" bot...  that is, a bot that plays Rock, Paper, Scissors by making random moves.  Brian covers some basic coding strategies as well as the rules of the game.
Learn more about the Rock Paper Azure Challenge at:
Keep up with the folks behind the Rock Paper Azure Challenge at the US Cloud Connection blog:
Good luck, and happy coding!
-Brian, Jim, and Peter



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