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Scalable Information Stream Processing by Bing in Support of Cortana Scenarios

Play Scalable Information Stream Processing by Bing in Support of Cortana Scenarios
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Bing has built a scalable, distributed, and reliable functional reactive computing platform to efficiently evaluate standing queries over the world's information streams in near-realtime. It is one of the major components of the Bing Information Platform that powers Cortana. There is also a smaller version of the stream processing engine that runs on all Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

Bing engineers can easily write standing queries against the world's information streams using LINQ. The set of functional operators that are supported is a core subset of those offered by Rx (Reactive Framework).



The Discussion

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     Qbservable  is still out there!

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    samir mowade

    Looks super promising and I am already getting ideas how I can use this in my project.

    Is there any blog or readings which I can refer to on how to react to external event streams coming from external services/providers.

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