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ScriptTD: So You Want To Build a Tower Defense Game?

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As you may have heard me say before, I love Tower Defense games. In fact, I've always wanted to build one or two but the main problem is that I'm better with ideas than programming. On the other hand, TD games are all very similar—creeps go in, creeps (try to) go out. Meanwhile you try your best to build a maze of defensive towers that make sure no creep is left standing. The biggest difference between many TD games is graphics and gameplay. From this the ScriptTD Tower Defense Game Engine was born. Under the patient shepherding of Coding4Fun's Clint Rutkas and with the coding prowess of Michael Quandt, we built this game engine that will let you tweak some graphics, sounds, and XML to make any kind of Tower Defense game you can dream up. If you thought you couldn't make a Windows Phone game, you're probably wrong.

After you hit for the source code, this tutorial will walk you through each of the XML files that make up ScriptTD and how they should be tweaked to create your own TD game. You are free to submit your game to the Zune Marketplace and hopefully make a little lunch money. If you make a game from ScriptTD, please let me know so I can help get the word out.

To get started with ScriptTD, please check out the ScriptTD Coding4Fun project and download the code from Codeplex, and to try playing the game on your Windows Phone, visit the Zune Marketplace.



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The Discussion

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    I LOVE IT!

    Thank you so much!

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    No Windows Phone

    Help! I want to be able to play and test my game, but I do not have a windows phone. Does this work on a PC and if it doesn't how can i make it work???

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    No Windows Phone,
    You do not need a Windows Phone to work with this project, make sure to go to the link:

    In some cases your PC may not have the right display adapter, and if you get the error "Current Display Adapter does not meet the emulator requirements". On some computers, even new ones, the video drivers might not be up to date, so make sure to have the latest video drivers by going to your computer maker's website for the latest drivers. That doesn't always work, but make sure to give it a try before giving up.

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    @Algorithum: Make sure to have the latest video drivers from your computer manufacturer.  For example I have a Lenvov W500 and when I rebuild the image if I run it on the Windows 7 drivers it will show that error message.  Then when I run the driver upgrade at Lenovo the problem goes away.

    This doesn't work for all computers running Windows 7 or Windows Vista, but does in a large minority of times.  Do this even it your computer is brand new since the software is often loaded at the factory and it takes several months before the computer hits the market.  Drivers are updated frequently, and the drivers are maintained by the manufacturers.

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    Capt Trips

    Everytime i run the emulator to test the project the app is not on the emulator. all the emulator has is internet explorer. I dont know what to do. The emulator runs fine but my TD game is not running on the emulator. Help!

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