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From the Vault: Shawn Farkas - WinRT and the CLR

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What does the CLR do to ensure that the code you write when making a .NET WinRT app (or WinRT component) looks and feels like the code you're used to writing when targeting the CLR (so, writing a managed application or service)?

As always, the CLR is the target of your .NET code and it deals with the underlying platform on your behalf. Here, we dig into exactly what the CLR does when the target of your .NET code (C#/VB.NET) is the Windows Runtime.

This is an interview with CLR developer Shawn Farkas that took place before Build 2011 and didn't leave the vault until now. The information herein is as pertinent and accurate as it was then. If you're a .NET developer, you should watch this. Shawn is an excellent communicator and answers several questions.



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The Discussion

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    I guess this video is also 'From the Archives', Smiley since you were talking .NET 4.5 as a new thing, in CTP state. should be recorded between BUILD 2011 and BUILD 2012 right ?

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    @felix9: Correct! However, the information herein is not CTP state... It holds true today! From the archives.


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