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Signing in to Windows 8 with a Windows Live ID

Play Signing in to Windows 8 with a Windows Live ID

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    How do you deal with sync issues. For example changing settings while the network is down.
    Then you shutdown that pc. Login on another pc changing some the same settings but differently then logout and login on the other pc that now have internet access again.

    There are several sync issues with this kind of thing.

    What is the account is used on several pc's at once and all of them change the same settings but differently.

    I see a lots of nasty sync merge collisions coming from this.

    The live account service integration to windows itself is an issue. Monopoly. anti-competitive tactics, which is illegal in civilized countries.

    What if another company for example google wants to do the same and offer this functionality. Can they do it ?
    Can a user use gmail instead of live or is it locked in ?

    I think EU will have a thing or two to say about this again, will you ever learn ?
    Or are you like criminals that refuse to learn their lesson and continues to do bad things over and over again ?

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    @Jonas_No Trolls belong under bridges!!

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    Only possible for administrator account. Get error code, when trying to join live-id to user account.

    Video have few thing about Live ID.

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    @alscott Some would call you too sensitive. It's like calling a panty-flash hardcore porn.

    But i say you are completely wrong. Internet douchebag's usually overuse the word troll because they lack the intelligence to process what they read.

    By the definition you're the one that's trolling here. Jonas_No do actually bring up a few very important points that should be fixed before windows 8's release.

    Monopoly and lock-in is good for a company but very bad for the customer which is why it is illegal in "civilized countries" (i like that wording). Civilized as in working together for all opposite to non-civilized that only thing about themselves.

    Who do you think will survive and prosper in the end ?

    A few hints on how to call a person a troll correctly:
    1. Do not just call them a troll. It's not constructive at all aka drive-by comment. Like driving by a person and screaming: "you f-ing *!" Not helpful at all.
    2. Constructive-Feedback: Provide a counterargument or information of why you think that person is a troll.

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