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Submitting your Windows 8 apps

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Windows 8 apps are the heart of the Windows Store. When designing the app submission experience, we wanted developers to be able to load their apps into the Store as easily as possible. We thought a lot about inspiring confidence, and bringing predictability and consistency to the app submission process. We encourage developers to visit the Windows Store before they start coding.



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The Discussion

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    Looks good!

    Prompts a few questions however: Can you advise the order in which groups of developers* will receive access to the App Store and Name reservation system?   Does anyone already have the option of reserving App Names? If you already have an App Name in use for Windows Phone 7.5 do you have dabs on that same app name for Windows 8?  Is the first day of reservation going to be Feb 29th?




    Ian (UK)

    * EG "Beta testers", "US based competition entrants" etc etc

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    Yusak Setiawan

    Hi Roxanne,

    Do we need to be a registered developer to reserve the win8 app name ?

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