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TRON:Legacy - An HTML5 Graphic Novel by Disney

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The Beauty of the Web shines with Disney's new Tron:Legacy site, a rich graphic novel brought to life online using HTML5 Canvas and audio tags (check out the music). The site, designed to mark the relaunch of the Tron:Legacy application, takes advantage of the power of modern PC hardware through Internet Explorer 9's full hardware acceleration so it feels interactive, immersive and responsive. Giorgio Sardo worked closely with Vectorform and Disney on this web application that really showcases the power of HTML5 running oustide of the fishbowl Smiley Giorgio et al did some really good engineering to get the most performance out of HTML5 - Tron:Legacy deserves no less, of course!

Check out Giorgio's behind-the-scenes write-up on how they built this great HTML5 app.

Here, I chat with Giorgio and Ari Bixhorn (aka Bix) about this modern graphic novel written in HTML5 and powered by IE9. What's going on behind the graphics, anyway? What led to the use of HTML5's Canvas versus, say, CSS3 Transforms to create the stunning graphics with lightning bolts flashing in the background? What did they do to compensate for Canvas being a mostly "dumb" graphical surface? How did the overcome bandwidth constraints when loading several high res images?

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The Discussion

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    the "Click the link below to open the video in a different video player:
    Play video!" link doesn't work, after installing silver light, video still doesn't play. I use FF

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    @attila:All of the media file links are working so this is not a missing file issue. Can you send details of the error you're seeing to our contact address?

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    AWESOME but not so fluid on chrome and ff... too bad but the tech is quite impressive anyway :p

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    Alex Bowles

    According to Firefox "This page requires a plugin that can only run in 32-bit mode / Restart in 32-bit mode?"

    Um, what? In 2011?

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    Nice but causes my processor to churn just as much as flash video game. I dunno why but I hoped it would be more efficient. Not a criticism of the project though, that was very cool.

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    Diziet, this is designed for hardware accelerated browsers. Right now that's Firefox 4 and IE9 only. It's buttery smooth on my system, though I don't get the music because Firefox doesn't play MP3.

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    Steve Jobs

    Thanks MS. You built this great app in HTML, and this great video. And at the end it, it's an upsell to an iPad app. I owe you!

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    ql, but I thought that they have created a new version of classic game too, that would be awesome :)

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    It's maybe fast but then you see that it's static images just moving. In Flash graphics and sound can come to life, smooth vector animations, dynamic sound, advanced layer blendings and effects, and soon 3D. So "HTML5" have very long way to go...

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    Che figata! Wink

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    Actualy you can view this very smooth on chrome ( even better than in IE when i tested here on my machine) yoou just need to go to about:flags and anable the GPU Accelerated Canvas 2D

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