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Talkin' C++ with Boris Jabes: C++ Intellisense, Game Development, and Boris Faces His Demons

Play Talkin' C++ with Boris Jabes: C++ Intellisense, Game Development, and Boris Faces His Demons

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    Boris Jabes [MSFT]

    @felix9: thanks! single greatest feature of the language...

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    well, sounds like VC++ team is building a GPU debugging tool like Parallel NSight or GPU PerfStudio

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    Hello,  We need a.... "Library Library" which could be executed inside a little VM holding one library/header inside which could be used to time defined functions or call sites.  Could even have all the functions described with comment extraction you could search with Bing.  
    Having dev-defined input to those functions for giving baseline and scalar time tables to show how functions benchmark being called with specific values.  Should allow the library library to not only classify its contents, but filter the libraries by its functinos and their behaviour, speed, and characteristics by running and timing the calls insinde the secure/reduced functionality library library VM being hosted on an limited VM like Azure or whatnot.

    So yes, interesting idea Charles Tongue Out Id love a resource like that.

    Edit: The only place which I have in my bookmarks was awesome in way ways, it even has the Dinkumware C++ libraries refrenced there too Tongue Out Isn't easily findable by search engines either as its classified specifically for documentation. So enjoy this URL while it lasts Smiley

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    Great video! I would love to here more about the relationship they have with the XNA team because the XNA team has a lot of experience in this area. When they first started is was also to make game development easier, better and more productive (but without keeping the C++ perf).

    They came up with stuff like Services and Gamecomponents to help build an engine. This makes life easier. You talked about more and more stand allone people get into C++ and Games, wouldn't Microsoft want those people on the XNA wagon?

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    im disappointed"GDC 2009: The Beauty of Destruction"Doesn't seem to have been recoreded and uploaded to the web at all

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    I don't think there's a need for some kind of wizard that generates a game based on existing genre. Well unless that genre is Elite-style games with seamless surface to space transition that also allows to walk on planet surfaces and project the world in both 3d and pseudo-2d. That kind of thing could cover all current game genres just by changing the camera view/projection.

    Maybe MS could license this:

    so that all Visual Studios would come with a wizard to create game based on that? It uses C# as scripting language which is cool.


    (Then again it's a good question whether it's better to have less of Elite-style games than more, since ideally you'd have lot of resources spent into building a handful of those well and avoid fragmentation of the potential player population into multiple similar games since there's not enough players to populate even single Elite style MMO very well unless the ability to travel in the galaxy is either limited or the players are encouraged to stay within close proximity)

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    @androidi: I always wanted a game based on word map date pulled from Google Maps, but depending if Bing Maps would suffice isn't up to me, but then the game would literally be... the size of Earth Tongue Out and able to travel to the moon and Mars and whatever we have mapped Tongue Out Have in-game profiles be based on actual location and what you do and where you go most often, so you never have to list you like a resteraunt, it shows your total visits etc Tongue Out Possibilities are endless wether its a fictional game based on real map data or a "real" game with physics and all. Imagine a Physics engine bolted inside Google Maps Big Smile mmmm  yummy, so many research areas available.... Tongue Out

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    Nice talk! Good to hear that native development is still a priority for MS.

    Slight off-topic, though:
    Startup time of VS2010 is now comparable to Eclipse (which is bad...). Compared to this, VS2008 was a Notepad (in terms of startup times). I even had splash screen turned off, because it wasn't needed...
    So, maybe this is not the main reason but anyway, the less .NET/WPF in VS, the better. At least when only Visual C++ is used/installed.


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    Let's just claim the name right now:  nuget++

    Glad to see Boris has not left C++ behind after the beatdown. Yes, we're still waiting for C++/CLI intellisense!

    Thanks for the C++ video. More please!

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    Loved the talk, thanks so much!

    But hey I feel uneasy when I hear such great stuff from MS about power and performance but Windows Phone gets excluded. When will we have support for native C++ development for it? I actually feel mad about it. Why close the platform and limit the hardware? Is it the cost of keeping stability on Windows CE when all the power is provided through native code? Or is it caution about releasing only the APIs that can be kept compatible in the long run?

    An answer would bring a bit of comfort and patience.

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards!



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