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Team Foundation Service Preview: Getting Started

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In this video, we look at how to get started with the recently announced Team Foundation Service Preview at  Once you have your invitation code we show you how to create an account and create your first team project.  We then take a look around some of the key feature areas in your Team Foundation Service Preview account.  Finally we look at how to install the update into Visual Studio to allow you to connect to the Team Foundation Service Preview from Visual Studio 2010.

This video is part of a six-part series diving into the details of the recently announced Team Foundation Service Preview:

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started (this video)
  3. Manage Security
  4. Agile Project Management
  5. Using Visual Studio, Microsoft Test Manager, and Eclipse
  6. Team Build




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The Discussion

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    I used the invitation code from the video to sign up to the preview - will I be thrown out for being a dirty thief?

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    Cool! After long l time everything worked as designed. Will be hosting few projects soon. Quick question - what is the data type for remaining work in create new work item workflow. I created new workitem as task and tried remaining work as 100%, 2 days - did not work for me so i kept it blank...Cheers!

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    @TheGringo: I'm pretty sure no-one will mind if you 3 other people are as resourceful.  Let us know what you think about it once you've had a chance to play for a while.

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    @abhijit:The Remaining Work be default is in hours.  That was a deliberate decision as it makes you evaluate how long you have left on this task which actually what you care about.  What you don't care about is how accurate your initial estimate was or having all your tasks getting to 80% done and then staying there Smiley  Does that make sense?

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    Jowen Mei

    Thank you guys, this is what we have been waiting for. I still have a trauma from installing TFS 2005 :)
    Keep up the good work!

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    can't wait to try. Can anyone send me an invitation code? Thanks!

  • User profile image

    to please.

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    @amy .... I used the invite code ( it was TheGringo that did it first ) ... That was at about 3am.... Give it a go! Actually I'm Supprised Microsoft as not done this before... Thanks, will be playing around soon.
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    Here's my friend code for the next 5 folks who want to create an account: 0f0001e3-2113-43c9-915b-f583f7ed611b

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    This worked great for me.... and it even worked with TeamCompanion

    Also, nice video. I think that is Richard Hundhausen's handsome voice. He is very fast and efficient when he works Smiley

    Adam Cogan 

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    Bruce Cutler

    You move way too fast. This is great information but you're not in a race!

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