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TechFest 2011: Facial Recognition in Videos

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    Andreas Balzer

    Can't wait to see this in applications like Windows Live Movie Maker, Media Center and Media Player. In short: it's awesome! :)

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    Que la Fuerza os acompañe!!!

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    There are a ton of potential applications for this ... just being able to find every video ever of anyone has enormous implications.  I knew it would happen one day.  Of course, this will lead to a lot of very embarrasing situations when your boss or co-workers or spouse and kids can find any video of you ever made online.

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    This is an exercise in futility... surgery is availble in India...

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    One problem I have seen with face recognition is that it uses a hell lot of CPU usage, specially on low-end computers. Looks great! Been thinking of a search engine which has analyzed all the images on the web, and looks up your face with all the images on the web. How freaking amazing should that be? BING YOUR FACE! ;O

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    Bilgisayarları gereksiz yere zorlayacak, çok yer kaplayacak bir buluş bence gereksiz.

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    i have seen

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    Rajib Roy

    Waiting for the application on my Windows.
    Rajib Roy

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