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TechFest 2011: ShadowDraw

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The Discussion

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    They need to have all the drawings from FurAffinity. I am a big fan of it.

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    Andreas Balzer

    Where's the "download alpha version" link? ;)

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    Mr Crash
    @Laura Foy:
    When you talk into the mic it gets really loud (hurts my ears), can you please think of that next time.
    I'm guessing you don't know how to use a mic correctly, please read up on it.
    Examples; distance mic to mouth, how you hold the mic (ex talk over the mic Not into it)

    Mine and others ears will thank you.

    (When others talk, their voice is normal but when you talk it's like you scream into the mic.)
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    Pretty cool stuff. Lines up nicely with Gustav.

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    @Mr Crash: That is because I am from New York and I am LOUD...and I interview soft spoken developers Smiley

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    I've got to agree with Mr Crash here. Some points of this video are ear blowingly loud.
    "one generic BICYCLE"
    As for the technology, very cool. It does have the issue where the more items you enable it to draw, the better you have to draw in the first place for it to be able to recognise what you are drawing. It seems to work well for the 30k images the system has now, will it still work as well for 10x that many?

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