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Today SkyDrive is announcing a new update that includes some great new features. The update includes expanded photo management features and support for high DPI screens. Now SkyDrive.com will look at the DPI scale of your device and show you higher resolution photos and thumbnails if your display supports it. 

One very cool new feature developers will love is a built-in text editor. SkyDrive can now support txt as well as many types of code files. It has line numbering, syntax highlighting and completion suggestions, even control-space is there. It's not TFS, but it is a very handy way to work with code files that are available from all your PC's and to share them with friends, even giving them editing ability. 

Greg Edmiston from the SkyDrive team walks us through the text editor. 

For a complete list of new features, see the SkyDrive blog


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    The Discussion

    • saqibali


      I am not seeing the text editor in my skydrive account Sad


    • jamiet

      Hi Greg,

      I heard you mention ruby, php, csharp etc.. etc.... but I didn't hear SQL. Will the text editor support editing of my .sql files (feature hasn't rolled out to my skydrive yet otherwise I'd check for myself)? Would be great if it did because I store all my useful SQL Server scripts up on SkyDrive.



    • felix9

      Wow, Monaco! useful feature !! byebye OneNote Web App !!

    • ndjedinak

      Awesome!  Can't wait to try it.  I've been storing code at Dropbox but this might get me to switch Smiley This doesn't yet work on my skydrive account; is it still being phased in?

    • GregEdm

      @saqibali, ndjedinak

      We're progressively rolling out the feature right now.  It should be available to all of our users within the next 24 hours.


      SkyDrive supports editing .sql files in the browser, but we don't yet have syntax highlighting or completion suggestions for SQL.

    • ndjedinak

      Fabulous, thank you, @GregEdm! 

    • streamingguy

      Great features and happy to try them.

      Is it possible to link these CSS/JS files directly in a website/web page (not for downloading)? I want to link them as normal web resources in a web page with script and link tags.

      For ex: I have a small mobile app, which reads few IDs from XML file. Currently, the XML file is placed on my web server. These IDs will change daily and I need to update my XML through FTP. It is little bit difficult to update them via mobile. If Skydrive supports direct linking of CSS/JS/XML files in a web page, I just need to place my XML on Skydrive and can edit it easily.


    • jamiet

      , GregEdm wrote

      @saqibali, ndjedinak

      We're progressively rolling out the feature right now.  It should be available to all of our users within the next 24 hours.


      SkyDrive supports editing .sql files in the browser, but we don't yet have syntax highlighting or completion suggestions for SQL.

      Hi Greg,

      That's disappointing but I'm encouraged by your use of "not yet". I'll hope this comes soon.

      Incidentally, Windows Azure allows publishing of websites from Dropbox. Given that SkyDrive now has an online code editor it would be nice if Windows Azure could publish from SkyDrive too. Maybe wander down the corridor to have a word with those folks and see what they can do! Smiley


    • LarryLarsen

      If you have more questions, the team is doing an AMA on Reddit right now. 

    • dtower

      Very cool. The file diff feature is particularly almost great. Having to manually merge makes it a bit cumbersome if there's lots of changes. Still really nice stuff though.

    • 3steveco33

      Interesting and informative...Thank You.

    • andreigann

      Is there also a "Create text document" button directly in browser?

    • SheldonS

      Checked just now and I have the text feature.  Very nice.  I tried it yesterday when I viewed this video but the CSS I uploaded would not work like in the video.  I checked and now it does.  I do not see a way to Create Text document but this is really nice!

    • technoblogi​cal

      MS: We now have a text editor in SkyDrive!

      Me: Really how does that work? Lemme see it!

      MS: Sure! First thing you do is open Notepad.exe....

      Me: Uh, what?

    • GregEdm

      @andreigann, SheldonS, technoblogical

      This release was mostly focused on viewing & editing existing files from apps like VS and Notepad.  We definitely expect that creating new text docs directly in the browser will be a popular feature request now.

    • Siberis

      Great feature. It will be better when you add more intellisense to this editor specially in C#/C++/JS

    • prashanth

      When I update a shared album, does the sharers gets notification emails?

    • jrv

      Great job;

      Is VBS on the list?

      I noticed that I can change VBS to VB and get some edition and syntax.  VBS would be better.


    • TomResingMSN

      Should this work on an iPad? I created an html file in Notepad, uploaded it to SkyDrive from my pc and can edit it in the browser on my pc. However, when I click on the same file in Safari on my iPad, I can't add or remove text.

    • SergeySypalo

      Thanks Greg!

         Really nice feature that I missed, as from time to time I need to change couple lines, or just make some review.

      MCSE, MCITP blog at sypalo.com

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