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The Garage Science Fair

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The Garage Science Fair is a quarterly event at Microsoft that gives employees an opportunity to showcase their work. In this video we take a look at three of this year's demos: (1) .NET Gadgeteer has a ton of cool, visually interesting, gadgets they’ve built, and they tap into hobbyist hardware developers, an arena that's really exploding with places like  – (2) Human Beat box, a virtual, Kinect-driven instrument that uses body movements and gestures – and (3) SE Bot, a conversational bot which quick answers employee questions about bugs, who to contact, and other useful enterprise information. 



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The Discussion

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    Brick Walls

    Fun video.  I'm guessing they don't have a website that describes the projects -- some of them might make it into products, after all.

    The link to is incorrect (someone pulled it out of their email and it still tries to traverse the email server).  It should be

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    Cool video, love this shizzle.


    I heard Tony Stark didn't show up afterall.

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    @Brick Walls thanks for catching the broken link.  We fixed it.   And yes, there's not a public website listing all the projects for the reason you noted. 

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