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The Killer App: A Channel 9 Halloween Special

7 minutes, 5 seconds


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Windows Phone 7 is almost here and developers are working hard to get the #1 app in the marketplace. Journalists and reporters are scouring the internet to find the next big thing- the Windows Phone 7 Killer App. But that phrase takes on a whole new meaning around Halloween...be careful what you download! Happy Halloween!


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  • Go Microsoft !!!!!!!Dovella Go Microsoft !!!!!!!

    Hahhahahaa Big Smile

  • Awesome! Even better than last year's VS10 Halloween special.

    BTW, What did you put on those 'melted faces'? Cream?



  • WinPhoneDWinPhoneD

    Is there an API to make a windows phone give a call and to kill somebody? :)


    Excellent video! Loved it.


  • SkrustySkrusty

    As always, very good! I wanted it to bee Dan... oh well! :)

  • And Dan didn't even get the chance to hack anyone up with CDs! (or were they DVDs? Who knows?! Spooky!)

  • CKurtCKurt while( ( !​succeed=try​() ) ) { }

    Awesome video! Good work team! Very nicely done.

  • falkenfalken

    Lovely movie guys :-D

  • falkenfalken

    Lovely Laura, of course :-))

  • Poor Dan ... I knew it wasn't him Sad

  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    awsome video Big Smile
    the face frosting was a realy neat effect i must say Smiley kinda like house of wax, but with more eyeliner (esp on jeff )

     also, may i say the falling scene is doubly excelent Wink

  • Mohamed OmarMohamed Omar

    Oh wooooooooow
    Did Windows Phone 7 will kill me ? looooool
    I need to write an antivirus to scan my new WP7 device and delete these apps. loooooooooooool

  • Dave Williamsondavewill here birdie birdie, get in my belly!

    awesome.  "Daddy.  It's for you. .... That will teach him to let me stay up late on school nights."

  • Love it! Nice job you guys - you should think about making videos as a profession or something Wink

  • Was this made using a WP7 device? That would have been cool, but since we didn't say so, I assume not.

  • Of course we used a WP7 Device! You can see it every time we show the phone.

  • Good job folks! I hope the Application Certification Requirements will soon include:

    5.1.2 ... [the application must] not terminate unexpectedly. Nor terminate the user.

    Happy Halloween

  • NormanNorman

    I think wkempf was comparing it to the movie made and edited ON a competitors device

  • really nice video, should consider doing more for different themes

  • Quite the effective twist at the end.

    I think that Dan's fall fit the vibe that the piece was shooting for, but as an animation fan, I've always been critical of all the falling shots in movies and games that look completely wrong.

    Great lighting and framing on this, though, and as others have said, the makeup|practical effects were effective.

    Halloween tends to be a bit grim for me, but I'm happy to give props where props are due.


  • Dorian MuthigDodo I'm your creativity creatorâ„¢ :)

    Reminds me a bit too much of "The Ring" in all the wrong ways. Big Smile

    You shouldn't have used the buzzing flies sound though... doesn't really fit. Tongue Out

  • The Ring was definitely my inspiration, in fact the opening scene is almost a direct parody!

  • Haha.  Good stuff!  No, seriously, it was quite entertaining.  Well done!

  • magicalclickmagicalclick Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.

    Oh man, that's pretty creepy.

  • Glad to see it wasn't Dan's fault this time.
    Great lighting by the way.

  • Holly cow! The production quality was really amazing! Such a funny video.

  • alal

    this was the lamest thing I have ever seen.


    This is Awesommmmmmmmmm, thank you



    Liked the twist in the end.



  • umoviesumovies

    either that was awesome or Im a geek

  • OMG this is awesome. Too bad I just saw it now Tongue Out

  • disappointed developer named Gabrieldisappointed developer named Gabriel

    Hello Developer friends,
    I just spent a number of hours watching some wonderfully interesting MS developer interviews on Channel 9. The MS "Ping show" really delivered some great info quickly. I looked up a number of videos regarding the topics and subjects discussed. The candid developer interviews (Sitting in a conference room, chatting with the actual developer teams) really caught my attention and heart. I'm impressed! And refreshed by the personable and insightful explanations. Instead of a behemoth Microsoft corporation I struggled to fully follow. I was surprised to meet real Microsoft people who care so much about the development platform I rely on for my future.  The videos changed me! You got my heart Microsoft :)  I started investing my self intellectually and emotionally in the future of Microsoft and what it's creating. I saw the heart and soul of some wonderful people and started to actually understand the solidness of the tools I'm developing with.
    *Now* I watch this Microsoft Halloween video (done in fun of course, a type of homage to scary movies.) Great skill accomplishing that. Unfortunately you have gone completely mad. All the above statements regarding my good thoughts toward Microsoft are confused now. Who makes decisions at Microsoft, ONE producer? Or was this video encouraged and approved by a number of people?
    A disappointed developer named Gabriel
    hellotoda-yms  @  yahoo.com
    p.s. Seriously, what kind of image, impression or thoughts are you sticking into the mind and heart of phone app developers? A death app ? .... it's a joke .... I get it ....  but what is the real goal of your Channel Nine team?  Convey the story of the good people and excellent work Microsoft is doing, or promote the creative ability of it's producers and their minds filled with some really negative things?   No need to answer that, it's obvious.
    By the way, I care about Microsoft and it's future. That's why I felt compelled to write. I hope this becomes a wake-up call before things get too far off track. I realize it's one video out of thousands and thousands. But hey, it's just not appropriate. If anyone can help me understand channel nines goals and work, I would really look forward to an email. (seriously, channel Nine's new direction is awesome! This disturbing example from channel Nine is only 1 % of the videos here, but it has unfortunately colored the 99% of the excellent interviews and other material.)

  • Gabriel, I replied to this comment on the original blog but in case you didn't see it, I will post my reply here as well:


    Gabriel- We are thrilled that you find most of the content on Channel 9 inspirational and useful- that is definitely our goal! Another goal we have is to drive perception change for Microsoft- meaning to pull back the covers on what could appear to be a huge heartless software company and reveal that we are all humans, with personalities and passion for technology. I am happy that Channel 9 has fostered good thoughts in your head towards Microsoft. That being said, I'm confused as to why you found the Halloween video so offensive. Did you think the message was anti-technology or anti-developer? You are the first person to give feedback of this nature so I'm interested to hear what about this video struck you so negatively. Honestly it was a video meant to entertain and celebrate one of our most festive Holidays, it was purely for fun and to show we at Microsoft have a sense of humor. You say the video is "just not appropriate"- and I'd love to hear why you think that. Please explain and I will do my best to answer any questions. Thanks for watching!

    -Laura Foy

    PS- take a look at our video from last halloween and let me know if you find it equally disturbing..



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