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Tim Huckaby: Building Real-World Kinect Applications

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    dan, you look like you know some stuff.... about the future of kinect/kinect sdk maybe....? that you cant really talk about...? or.....? Wink

    yes yes i know.. its all secrect  Smiley

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    Juris Laivins

    It's not EPIC who is doing that halmet. It's id Software. John Carmack is making it.

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    Neural based interface! ? wow... Really ?

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    Hey Tim and Dan ... Awesome stuff ...  I'm really glad to hear Tim express interest in making devices for disabled people, this is one of the areas I've always had great interest in, having had a brother who had very limited motion.  One of the things I remember hearing about industrial design, was how things like door knobs, handles, sidewalk ramps, and so on - which are often intended for those with limited motion - makes life easier for everyone from children to the elderly.  Great area to work in and some cool examples.  Smiley  The reason I switched from computer science to neuroscience was in fact because I wanted to work on neural interfaces; that plan didn't come to pass, alas.  There has been some pretty good advances in this area recently, but it's been slow progress, IMO over the past 15 years.

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    The neural device is made by emotiv:

    I worked with one of the SDK's and I have to tell you, interacting with a computer with just thought is more fun than I can tell you Smiley

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    good... excellent creative apps


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