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Tomas Petricek: How F# Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Data

Play Tomas Petricek: How F# Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Data

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    TomasP is awesome Smiley

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    Really cool!! Thanks Tomas.

    Let me introduce a simple comment, feel free to give us your feedback. I believe Microsoft are investing on the F# language, but I would like to know if consider F# language a real strategy language for their products, for example, recently we could use the type provider for Dynamics CRM, but it is until today not include as another language on the Dynamics SDK, I believe introduce the using of this language on the SDK products will be a positive decision for Microsoft, what do you think?


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    Really nice!

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    Indeed, this is a very cool series of demonstrations.

    The F# type provider feature is really blossoming under the open source movement.

    Excellent presentation!

    In my last project I could have used the Type Script / FunScript type provider.

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    Zach Bray

    Great presentation!

    If you live in Cambridge you can see it again tomorrow evening:

    If you'd like more information about FunScript:

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    Angel Rivera

    Great presentation; very informative.
    You mentioned making your sample code available.
    Where do we get it?

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    great presentation, where can we find the example code?

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    Excellent presentation. I believe that besides these very useful demos, in order for the F# community to continue growing, we really need something like the scala guys are doing with the Coursera course.

    By the way, where's the sample code Tomas is mentioning?

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    Pedro Molina


    is there any link for downloading those samples?


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    Hi all,
    I'm glad many people enjoyed the talk! Sorry for the delay with publishing the code samples - the two main samples were already available as part of FunScript, but I also uploaded the version used in the talk to my GitHub repository:


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