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Using the HTML5 Platformer Game Kit for Windows 8

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This video is a walkthrough of the HTML5 platformer game kit for Windows 8. The goal of the video is to get you familer with the kit and act as a starting point for you own project. It covers topics from first steps, including acquiring the software needed to more advanced topics like importing assets and level creation.

Download the HTML5 platformer game kit here ( While you're there make sure you check out the awesome art packs, available free to download and use in your own projects.

Download Visual Studio and other great professional tools for FREE through DreamSpark ( for students and BizSpark ( for startups and small business.

Below is a list of time links to the main topics of the video

[00:58] - Kit introduction and game demos

[08:58] - Setup, getting the tools and source code ready

[14:20] - Asset collection, finding content for the game

[16:20] - Swapping assets, getting the new content into the game

[32:36] - Modifying the input and game logic

[39:32] - Creating new level layouts

For a more in-depth look at the HTML5 Platformer Kit as well as some amazing explanations of important video game design techniques and methods, check out this great blog series from Marc Gagne (

If you would like to test out or play the creation Running With Zombies, which I made with this kit, you can find it here in the Windows Store (

Also be sure to let us know of any games you create with this awesome kit.

Happy Coding!




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The Discussion

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    Fantastic video, this will be extremely useful as I dig deep into creating my own game, one question I wondered if you could answer, how would you go about creating a Metroid-like exploration navigation.
    So instead of a linear level 1 -> level 2 -> level n+1

    You have the potential to enter a level where several entrances exist, leading to different rooms, like levels. And then have them re-explorable, so whilst you might start in a room on the left as you entered it, but after you exit from a different room and then return to that room, you appear at the entrance to that previous room.

    I assume quite a few conditionals would be involved, where "if you came from this room and are entering this room, you will spawn the character here".

    Also, as I will be adding more and more to the game, if the levels start getting quite big, is there a good organised way to tidy up and organise the separate level assets?

    Thank you so much for any answers you can give me. Brilliant video and keep it up!

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