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Using the HTML5 Platformer Game Kit for Windows 8

Play Using the HTML5 Platformer Game Kit for Windows 8

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    Fantastic video, this will be extremely useful as I dig deep into creating my own game, one question I wondered if you could answer, how would you go about creating a Metroid-like exploration navigation.
    So instead of a linear level 1 -> level 2 -> level n+1

    You have the potential to enter a level where several entrances exist, leading to different rooms, like levels. And then have them re-explorable, so whilst you might start in a room on the left as you entered it, but after you exit from a different room and then return to that room, you appear at the entrance to that previous room.

    I assume quite a few conditionals would be involved, where "if you came from this room and are entering this room, you will spawn the character here".

    Also, as I will be adding more and more to the game, if the levels start getting quite big, is there a good organised way to tidy up and organise the separate level assets?

    Thank you so much for any answers you can give me. Brilliant video and keep it up!

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