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Using the New IntelliSense in Visual Studio 2010

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Learn how the new IntelliSense in Visual Studio 2010 works.  This video covers the new "includes" operations as well as working with Pascal Case items in IntelliSense.


Original Blog Posts:
General:    CTRL + J
Visual C# 2005: CTRL + J; CTRL + K, L


Visual C++ 2:    CTRL + J; CTRL + ALT + T


Visual C++ 6:    CTRL + J; CTRL + ALT + T


Visual Studio 6:  CTRL + J

Windows:  ALT + E, I, L
Menu:   Edit | IntelliSense | List Members
Command:  Edit.ListMembers
Versions:  2010
Languages:  VB, C#
Code:  vstipEdit0016 and vstipEdit0017



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