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Using the Windows Phone Storage NuGets for Windows Azure

Play Using the Windows Phone Storage NuGets for Windows Azure
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The Windows Phone Storage NuGet packages are designed to make it easier for you to build Windows Phone applications that consume Windows Azure storage services. By using these NuGet packages, you can choose whether to access your Windows Azure storage services account directly from your Windows Phone applications (embedding the storage account information in the source code) or through proxy cloud services (using custom authentication mechanisms).

This video walks you through the process. You can find all the storage NuGet packages on the NuGet Gallery:

Thanks to Damián Martinez Gelabert, Nicolás Bello Camilletti, and Mariano Convertifor for putting this video together. 

To learn more about these NuGet packages take a look at the post NuGet Packages for Windows Azure and Windows Phone Developers.



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The Discussion

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    walter steinchen

    Is there a way to download f.e. blobs also ? .. (other than making them public - or using a Shared Access Signature which again would involve the need for a 'web/worker' role)

    Something like DownloadFile .. ? Seems to me those classes are not implemented ?

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