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Vance Morrison: Performance and PerfView

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Visual Studio performance architect Vance Morrison is very passionate about, well, performance. He deeply cares about making it easier for you to write fast code - both through education and finding/fixing bugs in the system that prevents your code from being as fast as it can be. Of course, most of the work here is yours - the code you write is the code you write and if you are doing things that negatively impact the performance of your executing application, then you need to fix them. Now, this is harder than it sounds. In many cases, these bad things are hard to spot and hard to reason about up front. You need help. You need tools. You need analysis. You need Vance!

Fortunately, you can get Vance by proxy: a free tool called PerfView. (By now, you must have noticed Vance's screencast series on C9 that walks you through how to use PerfView. It's a series that will grow over time, so keep an eye on it.)



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The Discussion

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    Vance Morrison looks like Bill Gates ? Tongue Out

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    Words cannot describe how awesome this is!

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    Pretty sure the VS2010 profiler has memory profiling.  Not sure if it's the best memory profiler, but pretty sure it's there.

    But PerfView gives an obscene amount of information, and can be run without Visual Studio (you can drop it onto, say. an IIS box where an ASP.NET app is running and profile away) so it's still a win.

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