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Visual Studio 11 Beta Performance: Solution Loading

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Many of you indicated that the time it takes to load solutions is too long, especially for larger solutions. We have done a great deal of work in Visual Studio 11 to reduce the impact of solution load in order to get you working on your code more quickly.



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The Discussion

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    Technically you have not improved anything. You have only made it multi-threaded. The loading speed is still the same or even a bit slower.

    You do not need to wait for all the projects to load but its not faster because you can get to code writing sooner.

    Seems like more false advertising from microsoft.

    Stop treating us as morons and kids and give us the truth. We are adults we can handle it.

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    Contrary to @james, you have done **exactly** what you said: "reduce the impact of solution load in order to get you working on your code more quickly."

    There is nothing false or misleading about this. You didn't claim that total loading time would be reduced; in fact, in some scenarios it could increase.

    What you said and demonstrated was that the **impact** for the developer of loading would be reduced and that I could get to work more quickly.

    This video demonstrates those two points which I ... and many others ... welcome.

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    Dear sir,
    Could you send me video c# and PDF vb and sql

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