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Visual Studio 2012 RTM!!

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    YEA Baby!

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    I'm ready to pivot!

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    Awesome! Great job!!
    Any word on any major changes from the RC version that I have been using for quite some time now?

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    You can invite me too !!!!  Big Smile

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    @Charles: There are no breaking changes that I am aware of. That said, you should ask this on the VS MSDN forums (where VS team people hang out).


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    Prep those staging servers, I can't wait to get my paws on the RTM C++ bits.

    Tip of the hat to all involved!

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    Hmmm...... I'm confused. The article talks about Visual Studio, and then says "The most advanced IDE on the market will arrive soon", but I wasn't aware that a new release of Intellij Idea was forthcoming.

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    Bar Foo

    What happened to the colors on visual studio

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    This is awesome. Well done guys.

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    go away ...find another place to troll...

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    w00t, w00t, w00t!

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    Stay confused, my friend. You can skip this release of VS - stay with what you have - and keep on thinking it's great. The rest of the world wont miss the 4 folks using Idea.

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    Does this mean TFS is going to RTM as well?

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    Michael, wait, I really like Intellij Idea; but perhaps it's Eclipse for Java with Android plug-in/SDK.

    Is Microsoft still in business? Didn't Steve Balmer nose give it into the ground yet? Everything he touchse turns to _hit! Guy is a bean counter, that's it, simply useless.

    Now, Google! They got it going on! Innovation, good aquitions, incredible advancements in Android OS. Wait, didn't Windows have a mobile OS... what was it called.. Windows or Windows Phone.. wait.. what.. never mind, sorry they confused me with all their versions and half, kind of works functions. All thought I did hear they tile up a bathroom nicely.


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    IntelliJ IDEA 12 will be released near the end of 2012.

    Mike, good news for you! I'm jealous, I just reviewed teh latest feature set... nice!

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    One major change from RC to RTM is that C++11 atomics (an experts-only feature) are now header-only for increased efficiency.

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    Any clues about when we can expect the variadic and 'Windows XP binary creation' updates for the VC subsystem chaps?

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    Woh! VS 2012 launch. Hope you have cleared out the bug of EDMX update issue.

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    What about ASP.NET MVC 4?

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    Nice can't wait!!

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    Is there a list somewhere what bug fixes / changes are there compared to RC?

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    Woo hoo!

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    hhmmm welcome to the grey grey dreary world of VS2012. I think I will be sticking with VS 2010.

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    its august you idiots.

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    most advanced IDE on the market.. you must be kidding :D

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    Great news!  Now if we could just get even a beta build of Phone 8 tools I'd really be happy!

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    I've heard, a lot more people have started to leak microsoft products specifically due to the fact that microsoft have forced metro onto desktop users and removed the start button for that extra no choice feeling.

    Visual studio 2012 have already been leaked.

    Quite satisfying to see people actively trying to make microsoft lose money and punish them for not listening to the customers. Sad that you still have to make a company lose money before they listen to customer feedback.
    Is this what microsoft is calling customer satisfaction ?
    Microsoft keep regurgitating they are for things like open source and are listening to customer feedback and acting on it but their actions say something completely different.

    The fact that microsoft is trying to lock in the customers into the same bad deal as apple did with its software and apple store is even more disgusting. These sorts of customer hostile overly controlling stores should be outlawed. They are anti-competitive, reduces software quality and choice, introduces possibility of price fixing and steep prices, hostile to hobby developers, etc. Not to mention there is no global customer rights oversight control. These stores can force customers into any agreement they want because there is no other way of acquiring the software.

    Rumors say you will not be allowed to install metro apps made by hobby developers from their own site. You, as a hobby developer, will have to pay microsoft money to allow users to install their software.

    It's a lot like protection money schemes the gangsters do to poor store owners.
    First the certificate program (another anti-hobby developer scheme) in the name of "security".
    The certificate program could have been done in a way to allow high security and still being free and microsoft knows it but they chose the greedy lock in path.
    The more i listen to what microsoft say the more it sounds like the excuses the leaders of "holy" wars say to convince their people to kill their fellow man and to justify for killing millions.

    For every release microsoft is locking in their customers more and more. Following the customer hostile path of apple.

    What is it about freedom and choice microsoft do not understand ?!
    This will drive many users into linux's hands. People that put off the linux transition because windows still offered some freedom and choice.

    I really do hope microsofts continuously morbid stupidity and greed for the tablet market and refusal to treat customers with respect gets them burned very bad.

    Europeans should file complaints against microsoft (and apple) for more anti-competitive behavior.
    Both Microsoft and Apple really should be banned from selling in EU and fined for every single software license sold in EU that violated their laws. To make it extra clear and dramatic, EU should use the same "formula" for "calculating" customer pain and the law violation fine as the music and movie companies use for "calculating" money "lost".

    American companies are getting more and more psychopathic by the year.
    Even worse they are dragging the rest of the world with them into this act of self-destruction.

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    To all sick people who criticize Microsoft:
    If you dislike Microsoft/it's policies, don't use it or don't buy it. Don't crib for the rest of your lives.
    It's their product and they should have 100% rights to decide how they want to go with it. They are not doing it for charity after all.

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    What's the big deal in Open Source software? You know in India Bill Gates donated a huge amount for polio, and this is one simple example, there's lots of more. If He choose not to donate may be He could be the World's richest in the year 2011 instead of Charlos. Now tell me is there any option of something like this in Open Source community, only the fact that they needs donation. I am a fan of Open Source community too, and have done some lines of code also. But again a fact you can't over look, i.e Microsoft has thousands of employees, now if all they started to do charity work then who will feed their family?
    So its all business, and for your kind information Microsoft is a brand and they can choose the way they want to do business. If you have problem quit Microsoft product, as simple as that.

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    I just updated my Visual Studio 2012 RC to RTM and this is my experience with it.

    • I had 2012 Ultimate RC so I had to uninstall it before installing the VS 2012 Premium. (not sure about upgrade from RC to RTM)
    • Team Foundation Server (TFS) was already configured in the Ultimate and after the uninstall and install it was picking the TFS config automatically.
    • It took me about 2hrs to do the entire process of uninstall and install.
    • I'm running it and didn't encounter any problems so far.

    Good Job guys!

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    I like Microsoft and will continue to buy their great stuff.

    I hope that Open Source Community will understand, that Microsoft doing great stuff and no OpenSource will ever ever compare to Microsoft power!!!

    Go MS, i will always be your customer, i hope PHP will die.

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    Microsoft is a special case since they have the OS market by the balls.
    There is really no competition. No good alternatives. For instance nearly all games are made for windows and it would be too much work to make the games compatible with other OS's like linux.

    Why, you ask ?
    Answer: There is no agreed upon binary standard of api calls.

    If there was competition and all OS's were forced to support the standard. Than it wouldn't matter what OS's your program ran on. It would work no matter which OS you had.

    Of course experience tells us based on other standards:
    Every single software maker adds their own api's to the agreed standard to make their software more likely to be bought but what it will do is lock in those poor idiots that use the extension apis.

    Take the C++ standard. The both intel and microsofts compiler got their own special extensions that if used will lock you in.

    Many companies have been fooled and locked in. When the compiler they used went bad they had to spend much money on rewriting the code to make it compatible and follow the standard again. So they could switch to a superior alternative.

    Short version: Companies are evil. They will bend the rules. Even sell their own grandmother to increase sales.
    That is why we need good laws and good people that punish them for it and discourage future evil and rule bending.

    EU did a nice job on microsoft a few years ago. I'm also hoping EU will do it again. Microsoft didn't learn the first time around.
    Microsoft must have some real good examples of complete morons employed at high up positions.

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    I've just downloaded and installed VS 2012 RTM and it still looks like crap.
    Too shine or too dark with non-opaque tool windows, and CAPS (why's that for?). But there are some registry tweaks to make it more friendly.
    Icons! Bring back old good icons from beautiful, modern and classic at the same time VS 2010.
    Just kill your designers, burn them with fire!
    So I see no reasons to switch from VS 2010 and burn down my productivity with the new IDE which looks more like Photoshop.

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    Wow. there was a physical launch event in Reading (UK)  today?   Who knew?


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