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Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview: DirectX 11 Development Experience

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Boris Jabes and JP Duplessis explain the new DX11 development experience in Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview (with demo).



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The Discussion

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    You have the slowest servers in the world - are you on dialup?

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    In fairness, if they share a CDN with Microsoft's main site, they did manage to push 34.7GB/s on Wednesday with people grabbing the Windows 8 dev preview.

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    I'm not a DirectX developer(dabbled a bit) but this does look very cool and extremely productive.

    Also, this explains why there hasn't been any new episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia; Charlie's been working on this! :)

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    Great interview!  I'm excited about these features.  I like the idea of making it simpler for devs to get into 3D; we certainly need these kinds of tools.  Thanks!

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    awesome stuff, finally dx gets some tooling love! HLSL support! awsome! really hope intellisense gets into a later build though, but still!

    i wonder how pluggable the format support is..

    can you open any fx file in the designer? can you combine manual text editing and the designer? Love to see more about that Smiley

    what about hlsl in other places, like .net shader effects for example?

    please please have more game development and directx content on c9, its crazy awesome and powerful stuff Smiley

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    @aL3891: Will do! I agree Smiley


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    Nice render tree! Please take notes from XSI (Autodesk Softimage) render tree editor since it is the king of Shader "tree" editors in my eye.

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    Will the asset viewer will be available as library, so we can use it and load the models it supports into our dx11 app ?

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    Boris Jabes

    @TexData: We are not currently planning to ship the rendering technology as a library. Can you give more detail on how you would expect to use this?

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    It's been quite a while since I did 3D programming but this stuff is cool.

    Actually the shader pipeline with model preview is super cool!

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    I'm wide-eyed amazed with the HLSL editor!!!

    That's really great stuff and you guys are really being the I of the IDE when it comes to DX dev.


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    Wow Visual studio will have about 1/10 the power of an actual game engine now haha!

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