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Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview: Introducing Page Inspector

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Page Inspector is a new tool that brings browser diagnostics tools into Visual Studio and provides an integrated experience between the browser, ASP.NET, and source code. Page Inspector works with web projects in Visual Studio (Web Application projects and Web Site projects) and enables you to easily decompose a website, rapidly build pages from the ground up, and quickly diagnose issues. Page Inspector bridges a gap in web development between the client (browser tools) and the server (ASP.NET and source code) by bringing together the best of both worlds using a combined set of features.

Using Page Inspector, you can see what elements in the source files (including server-side code) have produced the HTML markup that is rendered to the browser. Page Inspector also let you modify CSS properties and DOM element attributes and see the changes reflected immediately in the browser.

Here, Jorge Gabuardi Gonzalez and Vishal Joshi, Program Managers responsibile for Page Inspector's design and implementation, tell us all about this new tool for web developers.


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Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview:



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The Discussion

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    Mohit Thakral

    What about css. It is highlighting html, But not the connected css. Are we thinking something about that as well.

  • User profile image

    Very cool.
    Awaiting the arrival of Visual Studio 2011

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    Jorge Gabuardi


    Thanks for the feedback Mohit! We do have CSS selection mapping through our CSS tools. Clicking on the rules displayed will automatically open the CSS file and range select the rule so that you can immediately make the needed change, use the hotkey to update, and Page Inspector will save your file + refresh the browser.

    Are there any other features that you think might be useful?

  • User profile image


    Like DreamWeaver's Live View feature that I have been waiting for.

  • User profile image

    Just fantastic.  This will make things so much simpler.  How about the same kind of thing, but for data?  If it's a local SQL Server DB, show me where that data came from and what stored procs were involved, etc..., for example?

  • User profile image

    Way cool!

    Brings some much needed improvements to debugging web pages. It was especially difficult to do when looking at code/forms that were written by someone else. Just don't know in which control/webpart etc to find a particular element. I like this.

    Haven't hit the download link yet for the bits, but is this only available in VS2011 or can it also be installed as a CTP for use in vs2010 too?

  • User profile image

    I see myself using this quite a bit instead of the browser tools in Chrome, IE, Firefox.

    I can see where this would be tremendously helpful in a previously developed project where you're having to dig through existing UI code and decipher what's going on. 

    Do you see people trying to use this as a WYSIWYG editor for building their pages and if so how good of a job will it do in formatting the markup?

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    It is an awesome tool. I wish I can also use this for SharePoint pages..

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    Have you ever seen how Skybound Sylizer works, Page Inspector is very similar only it is for HTML, and Stylizer is for CSS, if you could mimic something like that and be integrated in visual studio it would be a perfect tool for designers.

    Please take a look at it, its a dream come true if you could do something similar inside VS.

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    Rob Campbell

    Installing this preview caused problems, had to uninstall right away. Looking forward to trying again later.

    See this thread:
    Microsoft Developer Network > Forums Home > Visual Studio vNext Forums > Visual Studio Setup and Installation > MVC 3 killed VS web preview

  • User profile image

    Awesome! Much needed! Thanks.

  • User profile image
    Nuno Sousa

    How would this work with an Ajax call? Let's say you called a server side method that returns a string and you wrote that string to a div. If you select the string, would it find the source code where you returned it to the Ajax call?

  • User profile image

    @Nuno Sousa: it all depends on how you architected the project. For example, a) if your using templates then Page Inspector will map back to the template, b) if you get an response from the server that's in HTML format, we are investigating different options to map these requests even, c) if  you get a JSON or XMl response from the server and generate everything dynamically (even the HTML tags), there's no way to know which line of JS injected elements in your DOM so we won't map to anything here. 

    Hope this answers your question! Let me know if you would like to chat more about this or have any ideas on feature requests!

  • User profile image

    @Mohit Thakral: or html design Smiley

  • User profile image

    is it possible to visually layout your relative divs and use there templates as views ? how ?

  • User profile image

    Page inspector showed a lot of promise but as usual microsoft dumps the useful tools and put us back to browser refreshing with Browser Link. Disappointing.

  • User profile image
    sam rudloff

    so page inspector just died and never came to vs 2017... great thanks

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