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Visualizing Information with Excel 2013 and Power Map - Nuclear Testing

Play Visualizing Information with Excel 2013 and Power Map - Nuclear Testing
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Using Microsoft BI to visualize nuclear tests - Lara Rubbelke and Mike Wilmot.  Based on Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto's amazing youtube video: and this data set:


Sample files here:


There is a spreadsheet named NuclearData.xlsx and also a video called NuclearExplosions.wmv that Lara made from Power Map.



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The Discussion

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    Very interesting. To be picky though, the vela incident should be accompanied by the old South African flag as it was the apartheid government conducting nuclear testing not the current South Africa. The nuclear research facility was named Pelindaba which means no more talking - fairly ominous.

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    This is awesome!

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    Thanks Peter - I'll try to hunt down the old flag.  Excellent feedback!

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