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Vishal Joshi introduces WebMatrix 3, the latest release from the WebMatrix team. With new features like integrated source control, better integration with Windows Azure, and improved Intellisense for PHP, Node.js, and other awesome features, WebMatrix 3 is the best version of the product to date. Get your free copy of one of the best Web Development IDE's around now.

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The Discussion

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    Thanks! What a wonderfull toy! It seems that for my very small quick and dirty sites I will finally migrate to Azure, without need of tackling with office365/SharePoint.

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    Cerela Malanog


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    Wonderful, concise video that covered all the salient points!  Thank you.  WebMatrix 3 is awesome and it's Azure support is silky smooth.  Implemented the Photo Gallery template with ReCAPTCH in less than 30 minutes!

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    Excellent overview video. Webmatrix 3 bring awesome updates which will be welcome by the web developers.

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    why do have so many editors .. why not have in express

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