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Welcome Golnaz to Channel 9

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Golnaz Alibeigi is our newest addition to the Channel 9 team. She is a recent gradute from the University of California Irvine. Her role for Channel 9 will be site manager and content creator. Contact her at golnazal@microsoft for any website related issues, concerns, requests, comments or anything! She is your new best friend.


Twitter @Golnaz89



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The Discussion

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    Welcome to Channel 9 . Nice ! Are you also on twitter ? Please provide the twitter handle. I'm already following many Channel 9 people on twitter- like @ch9, @lfoy etc....

    Hope to see lots & lots of new contents on Channel 9.


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    I'm impressed with how totally comfortable and relaxed Golnaz is in front of the camera.  I think she is a great addition to the team.  Good find C9!

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    Thanks!! Loving the support! Follow me on twitter @Golnaz89


    Big Smile

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    @golnazal:  Thanks , following now on twitter. So you'll be replacing poor Paul on Ping?  Smiley or Laura ? Looking forward to new episode of Ping.

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    Welcome aboard, Naz! (not sure I said this in the interview. Well, not the Naz part, anyway.).

    PS: @Niner: Naz is not a replacement. She's an addition.

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    Nice. You certainly are easy on the eyes.

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    Welcome to the C9 team! Hope you find yourself right at home between al these computer science people!

    About feedback I would say: It's getting harder and harder to find/explore content on C9. A very nice way to do this would be if Channel 9 had an OData feed anyone could consume. If you ask Ducan I'm sure he knows about it, would love to know what he thinks.

    Again, welcome and rock on!

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    Maddus Mattus


    Good luck in a team full of ugly a$$ weirdos Big Smile

    And I say that with a lot of love and respect Wink

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    Ian Walker

    Congratulations on landing the job!

    Charles: "Its not like I'm that old" LOL

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    What s a lucky girl. I wish u good luck. i will follow ur work in this team

    @zongodavid on twitter

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    Bildiğin Gülnaz değil mi bu ya? :)

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    Smiley kuvvetle muhtemel

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    Welcome to Channel 9. I'm really glad that Microsoft continues to attract new generation of people to Channel 9, at least showing that one of my favorite online video channels will continue to be available for a while. I totally agree that the way we create contents, get information, communication or even our lifestyles have changed continuously due to the evolution and revolution of science and technology. A common issue being raised is that does the convenience brought by technology somehow make us less willing to try hard? In Physics and Mathematics, we ALWAYS talk about ideal situations and theories, knowing that real-world situations will never be IDEAL. But as our society progresses, fundamental natural sciences are still something UNFAMILIAR to most people, leaving those who are genuinely interested in STEM ALWAYS super minority. To me, technology is more-or-less a double-edge sword. To those who want to be more productive, or to physicists, mathematicians, or any scientists, technology enables them to explore the areas which are simply impossible without technology. Those people simply get smarter and more productive because of the "more efficient" use of energy due to the help of technologies. On the other end, there are A LOT MORE people who ONLY read what on the surface, or as people say, "Judge the book by the cover". Technology makes them even lazier and more simple-minded, taking everything more for granted. At the end of the day, ALL of the inventions created are ONLY tools. It's up to the people who decide the outcome.

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    Is that GUL NAZ or GOAL NAZ ;)

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    @golnazal Hi, hope you can do a better job.

    In this order:
    1. We want a detailed video tutorial on how to replace visual studios crappy c++ compiler with gcc and clang.
    2. We want c++11 videos using 1.

    You asked, i answered. Now lets see if you can deliver.

    Staying somewhat optimistic.

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    Welcome to Channel 9.  I would love to see more content with Erik Meijer and Brian Beckman.  I love all Channel 9 content but these two guys are the best!!  Thanks.

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    Salaam. Mobaarake.


    Go girl. Well done. It would be nice to have more videos teaching people how to write Windows Device Drivers. We are proud of you.

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    Hi Golnaz ...

    I have a question about you.

    are you iranian ?

    you look like us...

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    And I agree with CKurt, I like the ALM content but its never published on the main site so the only way to discover there is new content is reading other blogs (like Brian Harry's).

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    Welcome to the team!

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    @Fahad: Goal Naz


    @Hamid_Fathi: Yes I am!


    And to everyone else, thanks for the support.  All of your suggestions have been noted! and I will do my best to make this site run better and to give you the content you want.

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    @golnaz Good luck , I'm proud of you as an iranian.
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    Go 'Eaters! Zot zot! Smiley 

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    G-money, you are so GREAT on camera! I'm proud of you, my little mentee. Welcome to the Channel 9 family.


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    @Charles...dude. We're old. I also took Turbo Pascal in of the TA's had built a PL1 compiler. Age with dignity bro.

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    @B3NT: Smiley Fair enough (though I didn't "take" Turbo Pascal is college - I just used it to solve (well, construct solution space in dazzling colors) complex math problems). Yep, I'm old... With Naz, the C9 team is now more age balanced!


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    welcome Smiley

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    Good Luck GN! I was pretty saddened when Tina left and went on to work with XBox360. I hope you'll be able to fill in that void and wish you all the best!

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    Wooo! Go G-Naz! Best of luck improving the site.. I know you'll do great! :P
    <3 ur roomie :)

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    @Carl: uhm, really? must you troll that crap here? I see nothing offensive or racially-charged about Hamid_Fathi's comments. He merely said, 'you go, girl!' from one Iranian to another. End of story.

    If I were foreign-born, I too would be proud of a fellow member of my country who was doing well and probably would have expressed it the same way! People who live in glass houses should not be so quick to throw stones, my friend.

    @G-naz:  I know I've been pretty silent here, but I would like to say, I wish you all the success in the world with keeping up Channel 9. C9's videos are engaging and highly informative.

    Though, one thing I can say that I'd most enjoy is more Behind the Code and Going Deep with more people from the Windows team.

    Good luck, and go get 'em! Big Smile

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    I appreciate all your comments and concerns. But let's please remember to keep all comments Microsoft or development related. I think that's one thing we can all agree on.  Smiley

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    Welcome Golnaz!
    I'm sure the team will be more powerful with you...

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    When stupidity is knocking i must tell it to go away.

    @zzco Dude, wth, since when is it trolling to express ones opinion ?
    If that is the case then you are trolling too, it is your opinion he is trolling.
    He's just frustrated. Could you not deduce that from the message ?
    Have you not ever been really frustrated before ?

    What do you mean by "doing well" she just started. She have not done anything yet.

    Being proud is not the same thing as expressing ones favoritism for a nationality. That can actually be a form of racism. Did you not study nazism in school when doing history about world war 1 and 2 ? That is one good example and there are plenty more.

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    Welcome to Channel 9, 

    Thanks for bringing up the "dark" ages, where parties were word of mouth.  or tied to the dorm room phone. Generally more planned out though if it was going to be a larger party.

    My main request is make it easier to find content. .


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    hi golnaz

    can i ask about minor problem  have been in windows for Farsi (Persian) users

    windows not yet support solar calendar

    we have problem for writing text in mix language mode Farsi and English

    you know that , when writing Farsi sentence can not add on desired place a English word and vase versa , many Iranian person working for Microsoft ... why not yet solved these problem ?

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    Welcome golnaz

    i want to see channel 9 start to think about adding Enterprise architecture related talks.


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    @okii: I'm more than happy to discuss more in-depth this privately. In retrospect, I probably came off a little more harshly than I intended to sound, but I was frustrated at the time, and it unintentionally came out here.

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    Welcome. I know this is late but I was inquiring about this a while ago so I hope you can consider bringing this series back to what it once was.. I enjoyed seeing how the Microsoft staff was implementing Microsoft products in their homes but before it's death, the program seemed to have completely spiraled away from it's original format. Crying

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