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Windows 8 Running on ARM

3 minutes, 35 seconds


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Roger Gulrajani from the Windows Hardware Ecosystem group shows us a Qualcomm Snapdragon reference device that uses an ARM processor. This is another example of the types of machines that will be running Windows 8.


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  • DevPlusDevPlus

    Yeah Cool
    Please and for NVIDIA Denver Project ( ARM for PC )

  • bluestarbluestar

    Windows 8: Release date & What is in store http://morldtechgossips.blogspot.com/2011/09/windows-8-to-be-released-in-late-2012.html

  • could this windows 8 load on a hp touchpad? 

  • new2STLnew2STL xkcd.com

    hmmm, sexy. On This is my Next have pictures of this hot-road plus the pictures of the nVidia and TI prototypes (plus w8 running on two AMD Fusion tablets) I'm really excited with all of this new portable hardwares, so many possibilities Cool

  • http://i55.tinypic.com/15mee4n.gif

    Windows 8 has slayed me. I'm not alive. "Nothing" is writing at the moment.

    All joking aside, Windows 8 looks like a true gem. Especially with the Eco system and interface.

    I love how Microsoft has (if I may say) spread their legs so wide that developers can choose almost ANY popular language to write their apps in.

    No-No: The ARM pad is lagging like there's no tomorrow. Don't even think about trying to release a pad with a millisecond of lag on it, you'll get all the backlash in the world.

  • Edward MoemekaMoemeka Me

    @electrookosh: that's because the alleged "ARM version" seems to be a remote desktop into the x86 version.  That's the reason why the camera zooms in when they interact with it and when the camera zooms out, the x86 version is magically on the same screen as the ARM version.  Tune in next week to see Microsoft make the Statue of Liberty disappear Wink.

    Regardless of all that, MS simply GETS IT.  No one else seems to understand that a tablet *should* also be a PC.  (well I guess Motorola Atrix did but rather than execute they simply gave a dumb terminal into the phone).  I am writing this post on a windows 8 PC and I have no reason to look back.  Well done Microsoft!

  • LCARSLCARSNxG Dev in North Carolina

    Windows 8 is very cool!

    However, that ARM tablet is laggy. This can be forgiven for a dev preview but unless the ARM hardware provides a buttery smooth experience, it won't compete with existing mobile OS based tablets. If the arm tablet feels like an underpowered netbook, it will fail.

  • gadygady

    is samsung tablet will be the official microsoft tablet for windows 8 ?

  • BrandonBrandonLive Indeed!

    OMG OMG OMG I want now Expressionless

  • DinaDina


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